Stylist September 22, 2021

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“it’s all too easy to lose sight of yourself”

What do you really like? What do you love outside of work, family and friends? What are your passions? What would you do with your life if you could do absolutely anything? These are the sort of questions that send shivers down my spine. Not because they’re bad questions, but because I’m not sure I have any answers (other than melted cheese, pale pink rosé, lie-ins and cat videos – which does not a fully formed person make). In my teens I could have prattled on for hours about my tastes and preferences, I was alive with passions and hobbies and, as for the opinions, well I had far too many of them. I had an identity of my own that lived way beyond how I spent my time. But…

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davinia-louise green, director of stonewall cymru

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Davinia, 42, is the director of Stonewall Cymru, the largest LGBTQ+ rights charity in Europe. She lives in Cardiff with her dog, Moose My alarm goes off… At 7.45am. I’ll check Twitter to catch up on what’s happening in the world and then shower and head downstairs to feed my Patterdale terrier, Moose. Then I’ll make hot water and lemon tea and have toast with honey. We’re working from home so, depending on what I have on that day, I’ll head to my living room desk for the more admin-based tasks and then switch to my more professional-looking kitchen table for important meetings. I’m responsible for… The overall strategy and vision for Stonewall in Wales. I craft new policies that support LGBTQ+ people and we provide…

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go your own way in the kent countryside

Retreat to lush greenery and luxury bell tents at the 19-acre Camp Quaives words: francesca brown Last winter, as the lockdowns rolled on, I desperately needed something to look forward to. Relentlessly searching for an escape from the grey, sad and empty streets of London, Airbnb became my emotional support animal. But while dreams of breath-taking scenery and warm sunshine got me through the longest January on record, my search terms for a UK break were restricted to the fact I can’t drive (on my last test, I caused someone else to fail, too, when I left the test centre car park on the wrong side of the road and they followed). My lockdown idyll needed to stretch no further than two hours from London, and ideally be easily accessed by public…

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“i’ve been living my life in treat mode”

words: MEENA ALEXANDER (BILLIE BHATIA IS AWAY) There was a time, in the pre-pandemic haze of the past, when a treat meant just that. I would occasionally treat myself to sushi from my favourite restaurant after a long week. If I was feeling lavish, I might even buy a good bottle of wine – rather than whatever was on offer – on my way home from work. Once in a blue moon, I’d splash out on a pair of boots or a dress that was out of my usual price range, after days of hovering over ‘add to basket’. These pick-me-ups were few and far between, and they did their job well. Cut to me last week, scrolling through my bank statement in horror as if I’d just woken up from…

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try our new 15-minute mobility workouts at the strong women training club

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL Whether you run or strength train, what you do on your rest days is important. Rather than increasing stiffness by staying static, start your 14-day free trial at the Strong Women Training Club and discover our new series of 15-minute mobility workouts. Suitable for all abilities, these sessions focus on flexibility, reduce future risk of injuries and help towards improving strength training PBs. As well as video workouts, a membership to the club is complete with training plans, exclusive offers, how-to-videos and premium fitness content all made by women, for women. Visit for more information or to sign up today…

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“i lost a part of me along the way”

holly willoughby Caught in the cycle of a busy life, Holly Willoughby talks to Stylist about her two-year journey to reconnecting with herself words: Megan connerPHOTOGRAPHy: CHANTEL KING Although I’m sure it’s not for reasons of continuity, Holly Willoughby is wearing the same lilac sweatshirt both times we meet for Stylist’s cover story. The first time, it’s the beginning of summer and we’re at a photo studio in Hackney, east London. Willoughby’s daughter, Belle, 10, is watching quietly in the wings as her mother poses for photos, “trying to do something interesting with a giant jigsaw piece”. The second time, it’s September – the kids are back in school, and Willoughby is dialling in from what looks like a vast but serene room of her west London home, complete with dark walls, grand…