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the time is now for youth entrepreneurs

Ben Bierman JUNE 16 will this year mark the 45th anniversary of one of the most pivotal events in South African history when thousands of students took to the streets to protest against an unequal and unjust schooling system. While 1976 brought many realities to light, the most poignant reality – one which I have been reflecting on recently – is that the opinions, words and actions of our youth matter. What the youth believe, say and do plays a central role in what the future of this country will look like. Despite challenges, the youth still offer hope. We reached a concerning milestone in our democracy as the youth unemployment rose to 46.3 percent in the first quarter, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have to acknowledge that…

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uproar over changes to workers’ compensation

Banele Ginindza COMPENSATION for injuries at work is in the spotlight after a hasty amendment to the Compensation for Occupational Diseases and Injuries Act Amendment Bill, which proposes to slow down the dysfunctional Compensation Fund, has drawn the ire of activists, professional and civic organisations. The fund affects farmworkers, fishermen, builders, security guards, nurses, paramedics, factory workers and kitchen staff, among others. Last year, Parliament’s portfolio committee on employment and labour heard how Clause 43 would, if promulgated, cause the cession of medical invoices by medical service providers to any financial institutions or third-party administrators as collateral. The furore is that the Compensation Fund is perennially incapable of dealing with the about 1 000 daily injury occurrences in the workplace, leaving it with a backlog above 150 000 cases…

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black sugar cane growers’ revenue slides

BLACK sugar cane growers’ revenue in the past year was down 15 percent compared with previous years, the South African Cane Growers Association said last week. It attributed this to the imposition of the Health Promotion Levy (the HPL or “sugar tax”). The figures were presented at the SA Cane Growers 94th annual general meeting. Over the past year, South African cane growers contributed R128 million to the sugar industry’s annual transformation projects, which received R200m overall. This funding provided much-needed relief to small-scale and largely black growers. Outgoing-chairperson Rex Talmage said that although there was s long way to go, there were positive signs of recovery. “We have seen a 14 percent growth in sugar sales resulting from reduced sugar imports and the off-take commitments from the social compact…

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power outages, theft threaten mtn network stability

MTN is working around the clock to maintain network stability amid power outages, battery theft and vandalism. “Although the vandals and thieves have a direct impact on network availability and stability, load shedding and load reduction… has emerged as the biggest contributor to our challenges,” SA general manager of network operations Ernest Paul said on Friday. The power outages played into the hands of criminals as they found it easier to access the infrastructure under the cover of darkness. There were 378 incidents of theft and vandalism last month May, up from 312 in April. Paul said new rounds of load shedding placed network availability under strain as the battery back-up system generally took 12 to 18 hours to recharge, while batteries generally had a capacity of six to 12…

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shameful electricity shambles deepens the poor’s plight

Pali Lehohla THE Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (Ophi), jointly with the Rockefeller Foundation, released a report, The Interlinkages Between Multidimensional Poverty and Electricity: A study using the global Multidimensional Poverty Index, this month. It is as if this were meant for South Africa, given the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa last week regarding electricity. The deepening energy crisis in South Africa will sabotage any initiative at socio-economic development. In Davos at the beginning of 2017, then deputy president Ramaphosa, wooing investors to South Africa, made a bold statement that load shedding in South Africa was history. Whatever Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko, the much maligned for corruption duo at Eskom, did under their leadership to bring load shedding under control by August 2016 remains a technical, leadership and…

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televangelism tb joshua – not your ordinary pastor

Staff Reporter Nigerian pastor TB Joshua was not your ordinary televangelist. The hugely popular pastor, who died last week, rose to become one of the most influential evangelists on the continent and in the world. Joshua, 57, was the leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Born Temitope Balogun Joshua, the man who started from humble beginnings in Nigeria amassed a huge number of followers who claimed he was a prophet. However, despite his popularity, he was not immune from controversy. Joshua rose to prominence in the 1990s and was known for his claims to cure various diseases and perform miracles. Controversy around him erupted in 2014 when one of his churches collapsed, killing 116 people, of whom 84 were South Africans who had travelled to Lagos to…