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can mark zuckerberg truly rule the world ?

SEVERAL upper-echelon tech companies announced earnings recently, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. They all have some things in common. They’re all making lots of money: each benefited because they are mainly digital companies, well positioned to profit from the increased time we spent within digital spaces during the pandemic. And they all have a stake in something called the “metaverse”. What’s that? The metaverse is a sort of shared digital reality experienced within the lenses of augmented reality glasses or within the sealed-in space of virtual reality headgear – a digital world where you can work, play and socialise. (The term comes from the Neal Stephenson sci-fi novel Snow Crash.) The tech company talking the loudest about the metaverse lately is Facebook. In an interview with The Verge’s Casey…

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meet the first sa minister with digital tech experience

Wesley Diphoko The Communications and Digital Technologies Ministry is one of those that has been less fortunate in getting a minister with the necessary industry experience. Now, for the first time, someone who has a professional background in working with technology has been appointed to serve as the minister. Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies Khumbudzo Ntshavheni will serve as the 15th minister in a department that has numerous difficulties. Ntshavheni served as the municipal manager of Ba-Phalaborwa municipality in Limpopo, a position that she held from April 2008 until November 2010. She is also a previous tourism manager for trade and investment in Limpopo. She served as spokeswoman to the premier of Limpopo and lectured at Unisa. It is her experience of working as the chief information officer…

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editor’s choice

WhatsApp to be enabled to transfer data across devices WhatsApp users will soon be able to transfer their chat history, including media and voice messages, between iOS and Android phones. The feature will start from iPhone to Samsung’s new foldables, and is expected to be rolled out to more devices and work in both directions soon. Looted Dell Computers blacklisted Dell Technologies South Africa has blacklisted all of its computing products stolen during last month’s wave of violence and looting, and warns customers against buying tech products on the black market. New Merc tech adds pothole warning In select markets such as Germany, Mercedes-Benz drivers will soon be able to receive audible warnings as they approach potholes and speed bumps.This forms part of new car-to-X functions being rolled out.…

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biz 101 ‘fake news’ damage control for businesses

Ben Bierman EVENTS such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent spate of riots have demonstrated how fake news can have far-reaching effects, not only on individuals but on businesses. “Fake news”, a neologism of the digital age, began as a social media phenomenon and has come to describe the proliferation of false content posing as news. It’s fair to say that the very definition of “media” has changed. Social media has turned users into reporters in what is known as citizen journalism, with the ability to disseminate content and document events using their cellphones. The challenge however, with what many call the “democratisation” of news, is that unfounded claims can easily be made, content can be fabricated and easily shared online via social media platforms. Consider the stockpiling and…

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real numbers

The perils of being a statistician general are never ending Pali Lehohla WALTER Radermacher, Germany’s erstwhile chief statistician and former director general of Eurostat, the EU statistical agency, writes: “Statistical facts and the decisions based on them are not two separate worlds, but are in a complex relationship with each other”. As a statistical community, we tend to avoid these difficult realities instead of dealing with them also in a scientific way. What the “Économie des Conventions” and scholars like Alain Desrosières or Theodore Porter teach us is that the danger of political influence increases with the relevance of statistical facts for political decisions. For example, in his book, The Politics of Large Numbers: A History of Statistical Reasoning, Desrosières writes about the philosophical reasoning of statistics. While…

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balancing act required for sa’s pre-retirement withdrawals

Siphelele Dludla Changes in the pension fund rules to allow workers to dip into their savings could improve long-term retirement outcomes, but it should be a careful balancing act to not torpedo the country’s asset base. This was a warning by some of the country’s largest asset managers this week following the announcement of a mooted legislation for early, limited withdrawal of pensions. The National Treasury this week confirmed it was looking at proposals to allow for greater preservation with limited pre-retirement withdrawals from retirement funds without creating liquidity and investment risks. Treasury said that any consideration for early access will require legislative and fund-rule amendments, but implementing any new system will take time. The current law and policy prohibits any pre-retirement access to retirement savings unless an employee…