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the end of fake news?

The rise of online misinformation fighters in SA Wesley Diphoko When social media and some online tools were introduced to society, they were hailed as tools that would connect people, enable freedom of speech and facilitate better access to information. Although some good things are achieved through online tools, we are also witnessing the spread of misinformation. Many will remember Bell Pottinger and how it used social media to spread misinformation. Currently, we are witnessing the spread of misinformation around vaccines. We are also likely to see more misinformation as South Africa enters the election season. These factors have given rise to online misinformation fighters. Earlier this month, Phumzile van Damme, a former member of Parliament and member of the DA, together with other organisations, kick-started a…

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artificial intelligence meet the r 1 million dog

Wesley Diphoko The University of Johannesburg under the leadership of Professor Tshilidzi Marwala is forging ahead with its efforts to bring the 4th Industrial Revolution to South Africa. This time around it has purchased a robot dog for more than R 1 million, although this is not confirmed by the university. According to the manufacturer's website, Boston Dynamics sells the dogs for $74,500. The university is planning to use the dog for navigation, research and inspection. During a press briefing about the robot dog the university indicated that it may lease the dog at a fee to industries, such as mining where it may be useful. The dog has been used in some parts of the world for various use cases. Over the last year, the robot…

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real numbers

Mayhem in July a threat to South Africa’s democracy Pali Lehohla AFTER almost a decade of sterling work on poverty and human development and Summer School programmes, the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (Ophi) has raised the bar by introducing Executive Education Ophi ExEd for Multidimensional Poverty Indicators as a potent development planning tool. Ophi tools have been deployed successfully in Latin America and Asia. They have translated into action what Amartya Sen said: “Human lives are battered and diminished in all kinds of different ways, and the first task … is to acknowledge that deprivations of very different kinds have to be accommodated within a general overarching framework”. Last month the maiden programme of ExEd was launched and senior officials from the public and NGO sector were treated…

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biz 101

An Expert Opinion on Why Businesses Fail – Part One Ben Bierman FIVE OUT OF seven South African businesses fail within the first year. In fact, South Africa is one of the most challenging environments in which to start a business. The average age of South African entrepreneurs is 45, which is conventionally the age at which people have an established family life with children or other significant personal relationships. However, maintaining these relationships while driving a business forward in uncertain times can be a major challenge. At Business Partners Limited, our data on why businesses fail shows that there is a direct correlation between the deterioration of personal relationships such as divorce, and the failure of businesses. In other words, developing a good attitude towards nurturing a healthy family…

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fishing rights allocation set for year end, dffe says

Dineo Faku THE Department of Fisheries Forestry and Environmental (DFFE) has raised hope for investor confidence after releasing the timelines for the allocation of fishing rights after a year-long delay. The DFFE finally announced timelines for the Fishing Rights Allocation Process (Frap) last week indicating it was in a position to allocate fishing rights and meet the set deadline of the end of December, with appeals to be finalised in early 2022. Government delayed the renewal of new commercial rights which were set to expire in December last year amid concerns that fishing communities were excluded in previous allocations. The timelines will see the gazetting of final policies and the opening of the application process next month. The department said it remained…

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microsoft, facebook and other tech firms to usher in a new era of interacting online

Big Tech wants to build a metaverse – what on Earth does that mean? Dalvin Brown The 2018 sci-fi film Ready Player One offers a glimpse of what many tech companies prophesy is the internet’s next big thing. Inspired by a 2011 Ernest Cline novel, the film’s orphaned teenage hero flees his bleak real-world existence by immersing in a dazzling virtual reality fantasy. The boy straps on his headset, reminiscent of a pair of VR goggles, and escapes into a trippy virtual universe, dubbed “OASIS”. "People come to the OASIS for all the things they can do, but they stay for all the things they can be,” the main character says in the trailer. A number of sci-fi-inspired tech chief executives say that one day soon, we will all be…