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airbnb has a plan to empower local tourism entrepreneurs

Wesley Diphoko THE South African tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit industries in the pandemic. Today, Airbnb is announcing a new three-year commitment in South Africa to address barriers to becoming a tourism entrepreneur, and to help rebuild a more inclusive and resilient domestic tourism economy. The commitment, focused on infrastructure, training and investment, builds on Airbnb’s 2017 $1 million commitment in Africa to boost community-led tourism projects, and the Africa Academy, which has trained more than 300 hosts who earned more than R2.8m in 18 months. Building a stronger and more sustainable tourism industry in South Africa will take collaboration from all stakeholders, including Airbnb, and will require balanced and evidence-based regulation. In June, Airbnb set out its support for a simple, online and proportionate…

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silulo ulutho and the 17-year struggle to close digital divide

Wesley Diphoko The Information Technology skills challenge has been with South Africa for a long time now. Seventeen years ago, it inspired a teacher, Luvuyo Rani, to form Silulo Ulutho Technologies with his brother, Lonwabo Rani. When Silulo was started, townships and rural areas had poor access to technology training centres. Teachers in townships were also in need of computer resources. All of these factors inspired the Silulo Ulutho founders to establish on September 26, 2004, what has now become a company with a presence beyond Cape Town. Silulo has focused on the real needs of the township and rural communities. For some users of Silulo, the need was as basic as typing skills. For others, the need was to access a local service instead of travelling a long…

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apple operating system (ios15) is here protect your privacy

Wesley Diphoko THE long-awaited iOS 15 is here. Although Apple has been on the wrong side of the privacy debate lately, the tech giant remains a leader in protecting user privacy. Here are some ways iOS 15 will protect your privacy: HIDE YOUR IP ADDRESS WHEN USING SAFARI What it is: iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 features an improved Intelligent tracking prevention that stops websites and trackers from knowing your real IP address. Why it’s important: every iPhone – like every other device with an internet connection – has a unique IP address. Sites and companies can use it to identify you and build a profile of your online activity. But now iOS 15 allows you to hide your real IP from the trackers that sites and advertisers…

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real numbers the perils of being a national bean counter

Pali Lehohla At the 42nd UN Statistical Commission held in New York in February 2011, I was invited to present on the subject of UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: Threats and Responses. One country, Argentina, had not endeared itself and had persistently violated and endangered these principles. The government of that country had decided to change the consumer price index, fired the head of the division that was responsible for this index, and created an equivalent of apartheid- era “Sobukwe law” for Graciela Bavcqua. The Argentine delegation stormed out of my presentation in protest while loudly announcing “mastido, mastido” (liar, liar). Bavacqua continued to produce the consumer price index outside the Statistics Office and faced the wrath of the authorities, which included the prospect of losing her house if…

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an expert opinion on why businesses fail – part 3

BEN BIERMAN PART two of this series spoke to the importance of establishing and implementing a business model that is both functional and adaptable to socio-economic change. It also covered the centrality of business development and asked, “what’s next?” Part three references findings from the Business Partners Limited’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Index for the second quarter of 2021 measuring the attitudes and confidence levels of South African SME owners. The survey pointed to insufficient cash flow and lack of funding as major challenges for South African SMEs which often result in the failure of a venture. The issue of finance is more convoluted than many entrepreneurs realise. Let’s explore this issue in more detail: 1) The inability to maintain and sustain a healthy cash flow The…

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lack of milling capacity a looming threat for sugar farmers

Given Majola The South African Farmers Development Association (Safda) is calling for urgent action to avert “a looming crisis of biblical proportions” from hitting small-scale farmers in the sugar industry. Safda executive chairperson Siyabonga Madlala said this week the lack of milling capacity was squeezing farmers. “With 12 weeks left to close the crushing season, we call for urgent action to compel sugar mills to act and protect small-scale farmers and not use sugar regulations against them. “Without urgent action there will be an irreversible disaster for many small-scale farmers, many of whom have already suffered during the July civil unrest,” Madlala said. Madlala warned at the end of this season there would likely be about 2 million tons of sugar cane that will not be crushed, which is…