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meet da vinci xi, the new robot doctor at groote schuur hospital

Wesley Diphoko The granddaddy of surgical robots has now entered the doors of the public sector in Africa, with Groote Schuur becoming the first public sector hospital to use a robot to perform surgeries. The da Vinci Xi is the fourth generation of the robot and is designed as a minimally invasive approach to large-incision abdominal surgeries. The robot is designed by Intuitive Surgical, an American corporation that has been leading in developing robotic systems for health. Intuitive Surgical says the robot has been optimised for complex surgeries. The hospital launched the da Vinci Xi robot on Wednesday to be used in theatres. The Xi is designed for an improved user (surgeon) experience and ease of use. New features include: ◆ A new overhead instrument arm architecture designed to…

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minus aiming to add to social media users’ well-being

Facebook and Instagram are designed to consume our time and attention, but it is increasingly clear that this is damaging to our mental health, privacy and democracy. In response, Ben Grosser, an artist and professor at the University of Illinois, has invented an unusual new social network. Called Minus, it’s a platform that mimics Facebook but discourages constant engagement by giving users 100 posts – for their entire lifetime. Meant as a provocation rather than a sustainable business, Minus builds on more than a decade of Grosser’s work, exploring what healthier, richer communication might look like on the internet. Grosser focuses on the cultural effects of social media, particularly the way it preys on users’ insecurities, taps into our desire for instant gratification and is designed to be addictive. Over…

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government’s mdwaba action sends wrong signal

THE UNCEREMONIOUS and sudden withdrawal of support by the government for Dr Mthunzi Mdwaba’s national campaign to be the next director-general of the International Labour Organisation sends the wrong signal to the world – and I will explain why. King Xerxes of Persia in the book of Esther sheds light on paradoxes in decision-making. The king, influenced by his General Haman, issued an order for exterminating Jews. Little did he know that Queen Esther, the niece to Mordecai, was a Jew. Haman hated Mordecai, a matter that King Xerxes did not know about. Once the order was issued, Esther was sad and Xerxes asked why. He said anything you ask, you will get my queen. Esther said: “Stop the killing of the Jews for I am one and in fact…

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your vote counts: sme owners making their mark can make all the difference

With the 2021 municipal elections on November 1 fast approaching, there has been much public debate around the role of local government in supporting and providing services to communities. The pivotal role that local government plays in the operational affairs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is, however, often overlooked. Small business owners are affected by decisions taken at a municipal level and, as such, they should never underestimate the importance of their vote and the value of active participation. Local government decisions have implications for the licensing of start-ups. The licence entrepreneurs require to start their businesses is governed under the Business Act No. 71 of 1991 (and as Amended No. 186 of 1993). Many considerations are taken into account when issuing business licences. The process may involve physical…

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multichoice makes the 2021 fortune magazine change the world list

ENTERTAINMENT group MultiChoice has been included in the 2021 Fortune Change the World list, compiled by Fortune magazine, as one of 100 companies world-wide that have made a positive social or environmental impact. The list spotlights companies around the world that make a meaningful social or environmental impact through their profit-making strategy and operations. In compiling the list, Fortune focuses on discovering companies that have recently made an impact. This year’s list includes 28 companies from the US and Canada; 10 from Asia and the Middle East; eight from Europe; and three each from Africa and Latin America. Calvo Mawela, MultiChoice’s chief executive, said: “We have long been committed to making a significant and lasting impact in the communities in which we operate, so we can empower them to grow.…

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labour court was ‘fed lies,’ says saccawu as it plans appeal

Dineo Faku THE South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) is seeking to appeal the Labour Court’s decision to dismiss its application that the re-organisation process of Massmart was unfair. The damning court ruling found the union failed to act in the best interests of its members to avoid their dismissal at Massmart’s Game stores. This week, Saccawu said it disagreed with the judgment from which inferences were drawn to justify the offensive against the victimised workers. Saccawu head of research and media, Sithembele Tshwete said the union was filing a petition for leave to appeal in the Labour Appeal Court. “These workers, who are made sacrificial lambs, are at the receiving end of a unilateral wholesale restructuring stemming from gross mismanagement and knee-jerk ambitions…