Survivor's Edge Winter 2019

Survivor’s Edge prepares you for real world disasters with the skills and knowledge to take on whatever comes your way

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sleep it off

IT is bizarre to think that we all spend approximately one-third of our lives completely unconscious. If you live to be 90 years old, you will have spent nearly 30 of those years asleep in bed. And for the most part, scientists don’t know why we sleep, but they do know that a good night’s sleep is fundamental to our survival. When we are deprived of sleep, our bodies and minds go through a strange transformation, and it affects us all in different ways. In 1964, San Diego high school student Randy Gardner broke the world record for the longest time spent awake. Toward the end of his 264.4 hours without sleep, the doctor monitoring his health claimed Gardner began to experience hallucinations, short-term memory loss and paranoia. Gardner’s ability is unusual,…

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about the authors

DONALD J. MIHALEK has over 30 years of military and LE service. He has had leadership positions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves, U.S. Park Police, SWAT and U.S. Secret Service. Donald also serves as the vice president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Assocation Foundation. MICHAEL D’ANGONA is a martial arts and self-defense instructor in Florida. He holds black belts in aikido and ju-jitsu and is the creator of the Aiki-Survival system. Michael currently teaches seminars and classes throughout the country. MARK LINDERMAN is the Preparedness Coordinator for the Wayne County Health Department. He instructs disaster preparedness and bioterrorism courses for Indiana and Purdue universities, and teaches crisis and emergency risk communication courses for the CDCP. NIKKI GREY is a journalist published everywhere from lifestyle blogs to survivalist magazines. A graduate of…

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cold-snap ready

1 5.11 TACTICAL Women’s Apollo Tech Fleece ▸ The colder seasons call for extra layers. That should never interfere with your need to carry concealed. The Apollo Tech fleece features multiple pockets and convenient interior access to your weapon so you never have to choose between staying warm and staying safe. ▸ LEFT AND RIGHT CHEST READY POCKETS ▸ ONE-WAY CENTER FRONT ZIPPER ▸ TWO-SIDED BRUSHED MICRO FLEECE MATERIAL ▸ HAND WELT POCKETS WITH HIDDEN SNAP CLOSURE ▸ INTERNAL POCKET ACCESS TO CONCEALED CARRY 511TACTICAL.COM $100 2 5.11 TACTICAL Peninsula Insulator Jacket ▸ Your outerwear should be two things, warm and lightweight. 5.11 Tactical’s Peninusla Jacket is both of those things and is made from extra tough mini rip-stop fabric. The easy-access, pass-through pockets make carrying concealed a no-brainer. Trust us, the last thing you need when you’re trying to make it…

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Freak Accident Tween survives deadly collision with 7,700-pound forklift The county roads of central England are an idyllic setting, just the kind of place to let children roam and explore. But before Leicestershire resident Donna Darlaston let her 10-year-old daughter, Amy, take her new bike out for a spin, she made sure she was wearing her helmet. That $30 investment turned out to be a lifesaver. On her very first ride on her new bike, Amy was hit by a forklift, knocked to the ground and run over. As soon as she heard the news, Donna rushed to the scene of the accident. “I needed to see my baby. I did not know if she was going to be alive or dead,” she said of those frightening early moments. When she arrived, it…

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henry does survival

Quite often the key to surviving a critical situation is to make it through the first 24 to 48 hours. This is especially true if you are caught away from your home and where all of your survival preparedness essentials are stored. For this reason, a good precaution in these troubled times is to keep a “gobag” handy, especially in a place like your vehicle or place of work. Whether you are in a wilderness or urban environment, having basic emergency gear in a lightweight package could make all the difference. Which brings us to the U.S. Survival Pack from Henry Repeating Arms. This is a complete “grab and go” kit that’s designed to cover the basic essentials and improve your odds of getting out of dire circumstances on your own…

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canning for catastrophe

Sitting in neat rows in Cathy and Billy Bennett’s pantry, jars of fruit and vegetables glow with color and provide satisfaction to the cook. Golden peaches next to green beans and onions, cantaloupe preserves and catsup glow in the pantry light. The rows of filled jars in their diverse colors and shapes are a reminder of the homemade goodness that is locked inside each of those sealed lids. Cathy was letting me try one of her meals in a jar. Even better, she was going to walk me through the steps to make the stew-like concoction. The jar she opened was layered with meat on the bottom, then carrots, onions and cabbage. After a few minutes warming on the stove, it tasted even better than it looked. The venison was tender…