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Survivor’s Edge prepares you for real world disasters with the skills and knowledge to take on whatever comes your way

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about the authors

MICHAEL D’ANGONA is a martial arts and self-defense instructor in Florida. He holds black belts in aikido and ju-jitsu and is the creator of the Aiki-Survival system. Michael currently teaches self-defense seminars and classes throughout the country. MARK LINDERMAN is the Preparedness Coordinator for Wayne County. He instructs disaster prep and bioterrorism courses for Indiana and Purdue universities, and teaches emergency risk communication. JIM COBB is a nationally recognized authority on the subject of disaster readiness. He has written several bestselling books on the subject and is a sought-after instructor. Find him online at LARRY SCHWARTZ lives in Annapolis, and is father to three children and husband for over 30 years. He has been camping, hunting, and keeping prepared for over 30 years. He writes about personal defense and survival. KEVIN ESTELLA is…

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the devil is in the details

Here on these pages and further on our website,, we often engage in big-picture conversations. Topics like earthquakes, blizzards, real-world situations, and survival-type gear, consume a great deal of our efforts at helping our print and digital readers stay informed on the latest topics and up to speed on the best equipment. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, per se. An earthquake or a flood is a “big picture” calamity very worthy of discussion, as natural disasters—like the fires that have plagued California—affect millions of people around the world and will eventually (if they haven’t already) land at your doorstep as well. It is best to be prepared to greet them on your terms. But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The most difficult part of…

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new year new gear

1 HOWARD LEIGHT BY HONEYWELL UVEX Genesis with Hydroshield Nothing is more distracting than foggy eyewear when you’re out on the range. With the UVEX Genesis from Howard Leight you get superior eye protection featuring anti-fog coating and a ventilation channel between the frame and lens to help shooters focus on what really matters, the target. MATTE BLACK FRAME, CLEAR PC LENS WRAP-AROUND LENS FOR PERIPHERAL VISION PROTECTION VENTILATION CHANNEL BETWEEN THE FRAME AND LENS 99.9 PERCENT UVA/UVB PROTECTION MADE IN THE USA HOWARDLEIGHT.COM MSRP: $19 2 HOWARD LEIGHT BY HONEYWELL UVEX Hypershock with Hydroshield Protective eyewear is survival 101. It’s time to upgrade from the basic level specs and get a pair that not only offers protection from strong winds and harsh UV rays but also stays fog free when the temperature changes in either direction. The UVEX Hypershock from…

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Battle of the Mamas Ten-year-old boy dodges certain death thanks to bear spray rental The old saying, “Never get between a mother bear and her cub,” took on new meaning after one family’s close call in Yellowstone National Park. The two parents and their son and daughter were only half a mile into their hike along the Divide Trail when a mama grizzly bear wandered out of the brush and into the middle of their path. Even worse: She had a cub not far behind. Startled by the family hiking toward her, the grizzly charged. Before the parents had a chance to react, their 10-year-old son took off running in the opposite direction, switching on the bear’s prey/predator instinct. It didn’t take long for the griz to knock the boy down, injuring his…

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fists of fury

It was a beautiful summer day for a swim on Cape Cod’s Longnook Beach. William Lytton was only a few yards from shore, in sight of his wife and daughters, when he felt an excruciating pain in his left leg. “Initially, I was terrified, but really, there was no time to think,” he said. Turning, Lytton saw the massive head of a shark firmly clamped down. “I felt like I was in a wrestling match because this animal was trying to flip me.” Then he remembered something he had seen on TV that might save him. “You know, Nature Documentary 101. I knew dolphins always hit the gills. That’s the place you go to attack the shark.” So, he lifted his left arm and whacked the shark in the gills as…

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baptism by bee

There was no warning the day the swarm came for 81-year-old Tom Mizell of Tarkington, Texas. He was out mowing a field so his cousin could put up a fence when he saw “a black cloud of bees” surrounding him. When the stinging started, Mizell knew he had to act. “I jumped off the dozer, left it running and took off through the woods, trying to make my way to a little lake I had dug on the property.” As he ran toward the lake, the bees continued to mercilessly sting him all over his body and his face. “I said, ‘Lord, help me’ when I fell down trying to get out of the bees,” he said. Then he remembered his favorite line of scripture: “We walk by faith, not by…