Survivor's Edge January/February 2020

Survivor’s Edge prepares you for real world disasters with the skills and knowledge to take on whatever comes your way

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preparation vs. improvisation

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a stalwart phrase that rings true to every ingenious and creative person who feels his aptitude for invention and discovery outweigh his need for careful planning and preparation. There’s no need to prepare for an emergency, says Mr. Improv, whose motto is “Fake it ’til you make it.” I’ll just wing it when I get there. Although it’s a very solid theory people hold that the forest will provide all that is needed—timber for shelter, game for food, water for thirst and a bevy of many of the basic needs of anyone in a woodland survival situation—why risk it? “…WHY START OUT WITH NOTHING WHEN YOU CAN ALWAYS PLAN FOR A POSITIVE OUTCOME WHILE PREPARING FOR A NEGATIVE SITUATION?” Improvisation is a great mindset to…

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new year, new gear

1. DTLGEAR OUTDOORSMAN First-Aid Kit This is not your everyday discount-store-quality first-aid kit. Designed by an EMT, the lightweight and compact kit is not only usable by one person on themselves but contains all of the essentials needed to help you get out of an inopportune emergency situation. Weighing 1 pound and 14 ounces, it’s extremely packable—perfect for hunting, fishing and shooting sports—and it’s available in four colors with three different options for tourniquet and gauze combinations. MSRP: $100. ( 2. EOTECH Model EXPS3 HWS Built for close-quarters engagements with fast-moving targets, the EXPS3 HWS is an operator-grade holographic weapon sight made for two-eyes-open shooting. The sight features night vision capabilities and an adjustable quick-detach locking lever for easy installation and removal. It weighs 11.2 ounces and is water resistant up to 33 feet. Comes…

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Full Speed Ahead MAN SURVIVES HIGH-SPEED MOUNTAIN BIKING CRASH! Bob Burdett didn’t want to be late for the rendezvous with his son, Gabe. The pair were planning to spend a glorious Sunday mountain biking around Riverside State Park near Spokane, Washington. But as he coasted to the bottom of Doomsday Hill, only a few miles from his home, Burdett realized that something was wrong. He was going fast—over 20 miles per hour—much too fast to take the turn safely. As he steered into the curve, his body flew the opposite direction, slamming into the ground at high velocity. Fortunately for Burdett, he was wearing a helmet. “A hit that hard could have killed me if I weren’t wearing it,” he said. For a few seconds, Burdett grappled with the extent of his injuries—blood…

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double trouble

GRIT AND DETERMINATION COUNT FOR MORE THAN LUCK WHEN A DAY HIKE GOES AWRY. Neil Parker thought he would be home by lunch. The 54-year-old member of the Brisbane Bushwalking Club was climbing up a waterfall, one of the more strenuous parts of the three-hour hike along Cabbage Tree Creek. But as he climbed up the rocks along the side of the steep face, they gave way. As he fell roughly 18 feet, hitting the side of the rock wall and bouncing off a ledge, Parker broke both his leg and his wrist before landing in 3 feet of water. “My left foot just below my ankle clean snapped in half,” he remembered, but “the fact that I didn’t sustain a head injury, I think, is quite amazing.” But that was where…

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not crying wolf

The Rispoli family had just crawled into their sleeping bags in Canada’s Banff National Park when their tent started to shake. They’d heard from the rangers that grizzlies frequented the area, so they’d packed their food into their car and kept a bottle of bear spray nearby, just in case. The tent shook again. “It was like something out of a horror movie,” said Elisa. She screamed for her husband, Matt, who awoke and immediately jumped into action, yelling at whatever was outside the tent. “I thought it was a bear, so I was trying to let it know that I’m a human,” he said. “A lot of them are afraid of human voices.” He saw a nose pressed against the tent, so he punched it—but the animal outside bit down…

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slam dunk

Brandon Lattie, 27, was enjoying a lakeside stroll with a friend when a black bear appeared. As the bear charged them, Lattie’s friend ran off in the opposite direction. Now the bear’s sole target, Lattie tried to run into the woods, but the bear was hot on his heels. With no chance of outpacing the bear, Lattie jumped into the lake. “It happened so fast I couldn’t even think, so that seemed like the right thing to do,” he said. The bear swiped at Lattie’s back before jumping in after him. Though the bulky bear was slowed down by the water, Lattie’s shoes were stuck in the murky lake bottom. That was when the bear pushed him underwater. Already out of breath from running, Lattie knew that he had only seconds…