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mayday: asking for help

WHEN WE HEAR the word “mayday,” we can’t help but picture a panicked pilot careening out of the sky. Mayday, from the French mÕaidez, which literally means “help me,” is usually a term figuratively uttered as a last-ditch effort by someone on the threshold of distress and despair. They’ve reached the end of their rope and they’re all out of resources. Time for a Hail Mary pass. It’s interesting how we spent the first 15 to 20 years of our lives expecting help from others, but as we grew older, that help was offered less and less, and it even started to arrive packaged as a series of teachable moments. Meals were prepared for us, but we were taught how to do it ourselves. Laundry was done for us, but we…

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our christmas list

looking for some ideas for gifts as the holiday season comes around again? Here are 12 items we’d recommend for the ones you love, and you might even find a few you’d like to add to your own list. Happy shopping! 1. BENCHMADE 173 Mini SOCP With an overall length of just over 6 inches and a weight of only 3 ounces, this is a perfect everyday-carry self-defense blade option. Made for those who prefer to carry concealed, the design of this plain doubleedged dagger allows you to gain control of other objects while still maintaining the knife in hand. MSRP: $110. ( 2. BUCK KNIVES 657 Pursuit Large Gut Hook Knife Made in the U.S., this multipurpose blade is not your typical mid-range hunting knife. Its comfortable glassfilled nylon non-slip profile makes it easy to…

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high-seas twister

“Mother Nature and the sea—fickle mistresses for sure,” said 27-year-old Corey Smith of the day the two teamed up to nearly end his life. The marine technician had been sent out to repair the plumbing on the sailboat Goleen at Stone Harbor in Chatham, Massachusetts. Before setting out for the day’s work, Smith checked the weather forecast: blue skies. And the day was still calm when he was dropped off on the sailboat. He headed down into the cabin and got to work. But by 11:40 a.m., he’d received a weather alert on his phone: A tornado was headed his way. He poked his head up out of the boat to see how much time he had to make it to shore, but it was already too late. “This wall of…

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white-out down under

Michael Bowman had just dropped his pack for a minute to go looking for his missing tripod. The 57-year-old was out backpacking in the Lake St. Clair region of Tasmania when he realized that one piece of gear had gone missing in the bushes. “I was mindful I couldn’t go too far from the pack in case I couldn’t find it again,” he said. But he didn’t count on a dense fog rolling in when he was a mere 30 yards away from the pack, his personal locator beacon and his radio. He searched for three hours across dense vegetation with limited visibility but was unable to find his way back to the correct spot. Eventually, he decided to prepare for a night in the wilderness without his gear. “I managed…

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sweet talk subterfuge

FLIPPING THE SCRIPT WITH A KIDNAPPER JUST MIGHT OPEN UP AN AVENUE TO ESCAPE. It was an idyllic, if forgettable, day that quickly transformed into a would-be horror movie. Nathalie Birli, an accomplished 27-year-old triathlete, was out for a training ride near her home in Graz, Austria, when she was hit by a red truck, which broke her left arm. But instead of helping the injured athlete, the driver got out, beat her unconscious with a stick, bound her arms and legs and threw her into the back. “When I regained consciousness, I was naked and tied up in an armchair in an old house,” Birli said. “Part of me already thought my life was over.” Over the next six to seven hours, her attacker carried out a series of assaults that…

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mountain standoff

Colin Dowler jumped off his bike, set down his pack and picked up his trekking pole. He was ready to fight but knew that taking a defensive watch and wait posture was the smarter move. He’d been descending British Columbia’s Mount Doogie Dowler—named after his grandfather—by mountain bike when he spotted a 350-pound grizzly bear standing 100 feet away. “Too close, in my opinion,” said 44-year-old Dowler. “I wasn’t sure what to do. I just started having a conversation with the bear.” And this one was acting strangely. Instead of going about its business or, worse, charging Dowler, it casually walked toward him. With each step the griz took, Dowler continued to talk to it, hoping that if he could keep the bear calm, he could prevent an unwanted attack. But…