TeaTime Holiday 2004

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come for tea

I love the excitement and flurryof activity that surrounds the Christmas season. When the last morsel of Thanksgiving turkey is gone and the pumpkins have been removed from the porch, we turn our attention to the promise that is Christmas. There is such a sense of anticipation—having our children home for an extended visit, receiving once-a-year cards from long-distance friends, and sharing a warming cup of tea with those nearby. What better way to begin the celebrations than to host a festive tea for your neighbors? We’ve included a special food feature designed to help you plan a holiday gathering to celebrate the spirit of community in your neighborhood. We collected many of our favorite recipes, chosen for taste appeal and ease of preparation, and gathered in the dining room to…

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inviting words

Season’s greetings are even more meaningful when expressed in a one-ofa- kind, handmade Christmas card. Becky Morris, owner of Stamp-It Studio in Natchez, Mississippi, pulls from her stock of rubber stamps to create the designs on her Christmas cards, then embosses each using a heat gun and glitter powder. Details, like a raffia bow or a 2-D design, add movement and dimension. Though she prefers to teach the art of stamping—“I want to encourage the hobby,” she says—Becky will gladly fill special orders. Her designs include cards for all occasions. For ordering information, see Resources for Readers on page 66.…

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tea & etiquette

Q How do I graciously handle a tea bag, sugar in wrappers, and milk in disposable plastic containers? A When the tea bag is served with a small teapot of water and a cup and saucer: Remove the tea bag from its wrapper, place it in the teapot of water, and allow it to steep until it reaches the strength you prefer. After three to five minutes, pour a small amount into your cup to test the strength. Fold the tea bag wrapper and place it next to the saucer holding the teapot. If you simply can’t bear to look at it, fold it and slide it under the saucer holding the teapot or your cup. When ordering tea, you may ask your server if the hot water will be served in a…

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for all my friends

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remarkable rooibos

To many in the tea industry, Rooibos is a bit of an upstart. Debate rages about the health benefits associated with its consumption, and more importantly, many ask, should the South African up-andcomer dare to call itself a tea? “It’s not a tea, it’s an herbal tisane,” says Mike Harney, vice president of Harney and Sons Tea, which sells Rooibos. “A tisane, by definition, does not actually come from a tea plant. But it has many positives—many people love the flavor; it is caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants.” Just how many antioxidants and what kind, however, remains to be seen. Already scientists in Japan, South Africa, and other countries are providing at least some of those answers. And while the research is promising, the jury is still out on whether Rooibos is…

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elegance reigns during royal tea

Aptly named, the Royal Tea served at Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans is no mere serving of beverage and biscuits. It is, simply put, a sanctuary for the soul. “I would say our tea is on par with the best in the world,” says Clive O’Donoghue, assistant general manager for the Windsor Court. And teatime is a subject in which he is well-versed. Not only has Clive worked for some of the world’s finest luxury resorts—including the Four Seasons—but as his dulcet accent indicates, the British hotelier was raised in a country where afternoon and formal teas are national pastimes. “Teatime at the Windsor Court Hotel is a beloved tradition for both locals and visitors from around the world. The refined elegance and sumptuous fare make for the ultimate English experience,”…