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Happy 15th anniversary to us! To commemorate our milestone, we introduce a yearlong feature titled “TeaTime 15” in which we will highlight some of the people, places, and accoutrements we have come to know and love since the magazine’s inception. (We’ll be asking for your input on various topics through our e-newsletters, so if you would like to participate, please sign up for them at teatimemagazine.com.) We begin this series (page 46) by introducing you to 15 people we believe all tea lovers should know because of their contributions to North American tea culture. Limiting the list to just 15 was quite daunting and diffi cult! Some names and faces, such as those of our three contributing editors, will no doubt be familiar to you, but others might not because…

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dear teatime

More About the Boston Tea Party “I enjoyed reading the article ‘The Rest of the Story of the Boston Tea Party’ [by Mitzi Perdue] in the November/ December 2017 issue [page 61]. I would like to offer a correction to the statement ‘most of the tea ended up in New England kitchens, and heartily enjoyed.’ Three hundred forty chests of Chinese green and black teas were tossed into the harbor from three ships over a 2½-hour period on the night of December 16, 1773. All the participants in the rebellion were carefully instructed to refrain from taking any of East India Company tea for their own enjoyment or profit. Theirs was a political act, and they did not want to be labeled as looters. One man, found with his pockets stuffed…

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tea events calendar

6 Happy New Year Tea 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sweet Remembrances Tea Room Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Welcome the New Year with stars and glitz at a teatime celebration. A complete afternoon-tea service will include a salad followed by a three-tiered tray complete with tea sandwiches, two varieties of scones, fresh fruit, and tasty desserts. Of course, there will also be pots of steaming-hot tea as well. The cost for this event is $30 per person. Reservations may be made by calling 717-697-5785. For more information, visit sweetremembrancestearoom.com. 16 & 17 Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe & Afternoon Tea San Diego, California Enjoy a tea party that honors the beloved television program Downton Abbey. A quiz will test your knowledge of the Grantham family and their devoted household, and themed…

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the gift of love

Hearts Galore Love is all around with these 5-inch porcelain trays by Royal Albert. Use them to hold condiments or candies, or put their beauty on display as festive décor. ($24.99 each, royalalbert.com or 877-720-3488) Love in Bloom Whether used as a striking centerpiece or for a delectable cup of tea, the Eternal Love Flowering Tea Gift Set includes a 36-ounce glass teapot and warmer along with a set of heart-shaped blooming teas. ($59.95, teabloom.com or 954-561-2090) The Sweetest of Sentiments Whether you take your cuppa with or without sugar, these adorable French Tea Sugar Hearts are the sweetest accessory for any tea table. ($17, fancyflours.com or 406-587-0118) A Token of Affection These festive Heart Spoon Teacup Favors, complete with white cups and saucers, individual tea bags, and gold-plated heart spoons, are charming parting gifts. (Set of…

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African Sunset Herbal Tisane MARK T. WENDELL TEA COMPANY marktwendell.com • 978-635-9200 TEACUP: Normandy Silver Queen “This fragrant tisane is perfectly balanced with forward flavors of cinnamon and apple along with subtle hints of rosehip and hibiscus.” —Lorna Reeves, editor Mexican Cocoa Rooibos TRAIL LODGE TEA traillodgetea.com • 314-680-3015 TEACUP: Noritake Caroline “Similar to actual hot chocolate with a touch of cinnamon, this tisane is a special treat—perfect for a cold wintry day.” —Janice Ritter, dealer program manager Turmeric Zest GLOBAL TEA MART globalteamart.com • 844-208-2337 TEACUP: Royal Worcester Silver Frost “The pleasing citrus scent that wafts from this brew only hints at the spiced, fruity flavor of this caffeine-free selection.” —Sarah Howard, editorial assistant Organic Rooibos Lemon-Ginger SIMPSON & VAIL svtea.com • 800-282-8327 TEACUP: Mikasa Silver Swirl “Bright notes of ginger complement the presence of lemon in this blend, making it a wonderful choice for a caffeine-free…

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South African rooibos may be a common choice found on today’s menus at tearooms and tea shops across the world, but it is not a true tea, and 19th-century London tea traders were outraged when the herbal import debuted on their hallowed stage. The polite and dignified protocol of the revered London Tea Auction Centre was put to the test on December 21, 1867, when Mr. George Townend of Townend Brothers, rashly offered a parcel of “bush tea” from Natal, a province of South Africa. Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss), or red bush, is classified as an herb and, therefore, not related to Camellia sinensis or Camellia assamica tea bushes. The appearance of two samples of this faux tea on the sales floor was greeted with yells of protest. The auctioneer in charge suggested…