TeaTime July - August 2016

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come for tea

In addition to the pure pleasure drinking a cup of tea can bring, I cherish the relationships I have developed as a result of partaking of afternoon tea. There is just something meaningful about chatting over a steaming cup and delicious teatime treats. In this issue, you will find delightful menus and inspiration for summertime tea parties you can host for those you hold dear. Joyful tea moments extend as well to my trips to festivals and trade shows where I’ve sipped flavorful infusions and shared meaningful conversations. It was at the Los Angeles International Tea Festival a few years ago that I got to know founders Devan Shah and his wife, Reena. Pillars of the tea industry, this couple have also supported other festivals throughout the United States. They were instrumental…

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dear teatime

Sweet Inspiration I always give an English tea in my garden each June for my “Soul Mates,” a singles group from my church. Last June, I used almost all of the recipes from the Jan/Feb 2014 issue. I brought out the Victoria Sponge Cake and returned with the Chocolate Biscuit Cake, announcing that our present queen must not be forgotten. My group knows that I am a real Anglophile, from my English garden to all my English garden tours and the china and accessories I use for my teas. I love TeaTime, and I always look forward to the next issue as it often transports me back to my beloved England. I have all the issues in a binder and can easily peruse them when doing a special recipe. I appreciate the…

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tea events calendar

July 9 Queen’s Garden Party 6:00 p.m. Erika’s Tea Room Clermont, Florida Kick off summer the way the Queen does it—with a grand garden party at Erika’s Tea Room! Enjoy a five-course dinner, five teas, scrumptious cakes, and beautiful flowers. Dress in your tea-party finest, and don’t forget the white gloves! The cost is $30 per person, and reservations are required. For reservations, please call 908-670-2305, or visit erikastearoom.com. 9 Winnie the Pooh Tea 2:00 p.m. Miss Spenser’s Special-Teas Tearoom New Virginia, Iowa Celebrate bees, honey, and Winnie the Pooh, the golden bear who continues to steal the hearts of young and old alike. A lovely traditional afternoon tea will be served, infused with a touch of honey, of course! Although Winnie the Pooh is considered a children’s classic, this tea has been designed with adults in mind. The cost is $30…

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nautical treasures

Golden Appeal Fine 24 carat gold–rimmed Annieglass Shells oyster and clam serving vessels make any dish special. ($78 and $63, respectively; annieglass.com or 800-347-6133) Precious Heirlooms Scoop the perfect amount of tea leaves with these shell-shaped pewter tea-caddy spoon reproductions from the 18th-century Colonial Williamsburg collection. ($20 each; williamsburgmarketplace.com or 800-446-9240) Seafaring Style Add a bit of panache to tea sandwiches or hors d’oeuvres with Two’s Company sea fare shell toothpicks. ($6.99 for set of 24 and holder; amazon.com or 800-896-7266) Seaboard Charm Dazzle guests by serving teatime treats on gorgeous hand-hammered aluminum Gifts of the Sea 8x12-inch serving and 9x16-inch hostess trays. ($49 and $69, respectively; wendellaugust.com or 800-923-4438) Pearlescent Delights Serve clotted cream and lemon curd with these exquisite mother-of-pearl spoons. ($27 for set of 3; blisshomeanddesign.com or 866-312-5610) Waves of Whimsy This playful aqua blue tea set (also…

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green teas

Mango Sunny Passion CAPITAL TEAS capitalteas.com • 888-484-8327 TEACUP: Royal Worcester Vine Harvest “Great hot or iced, this fruity green-tea blend has delicious mango notes at first and a sweet, pineapple taste at the end.” —Lucy Herndon, stylist Green Rose T2 t2tea.com • 800-718-4036 TEACUP: Philippe Deshoulières Chamarande “This soothing infusion is a wonderful mix of fruit and floral flavors—currants, papaya, and mango, with just a hint of rose.” —Janice Ritter, dealer program manager Mao Feng Tranquility Green MARK T. WENDELL TEA COMPANY marktwendell.com • 978-635-9200 TEACUP: Royal Worcester Bacchanal Cream “Wiry dark green leaves unfurl to yield an infusion whose notes are at once nutty, vegetal, and citral—simply marvelous!” —Lorna Reeves, editor Green Guava SIMPSON & VAIL svtea.com • 800-282-8327 TEACUP: Wedgwood Wild Strawberry “The tropical-fruit fragrance of the beautiful, dry leaves is a good omen of the delicious, well-balanced tea that will result.” —Janet Lambert, recipe developer/food stylist Inner Calm Green Tea PLUM…

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six steps to stylish iced tea

Just as Americans have refined their hot tea ritual, we are beginning to brush up on our iced tea–making skills as well. Pitchers of weak tea made with grocery-brand tea bags and sweetened with copious cups of white sugar have become passé. Here are a few suggestions that will leave your guests asking, “How did you make that great iced tea?” 1 Think outside the tea-bag box. More than 40 percent of the tea imported into America each year comes from Argentina, where fields of tea bushes are mechanically harvested to make a bagged tea that is inexpensive, quick to steep, and light in color. Consider starting with a full-leaf tea you would normally serve hot in a cup. Your guests will taste the difference because Indian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Kenyan, or…