TeaTime March/April 2018

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come for tea

For many of us, there is something quite alluring about the French culture and language. And those of us who are also enamored with tea will be delighted to know there is much to explore in this charming European country. So much so, that we have devoted most of this issue to it. From the tea venues of the city of Nantes in western France to the salons of Paris, there are plenty of teatimes to savor when you visit. We have even carried the theme into the tea parties featured in this issue with our take on traditional French fare. And if you’re wondering which teas to serve at your next French-themed teatime, “Our Favorites” (page 15) offers six delightful selections, as do the Tea Sommelier boxes that appear with…

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dear teatime

Yuletide Inspiration “I have been an avid reader of TeaTime magazine since 2004. I eagerly await to receive my magazine each month. The photos are beautiful, and the recipes are so enticing. Reading TeaTime takes me on an imaginary journey to a time and place of refinement and gracious living. I just made the Cinnamon Chip Scones featured in the November/ December 2017 issue. They look so delicious. . . .” CAROL NICKLE via e-mail “Being truly inspired by the Advent Tea article in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of TeaTime, I hosted an evening Advent Tea in my home for some close friends . . . In addition to using the recipes in this issue, I searched my copies of back issues and your tea books for more ideas. My guests had a…

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tea events calendar

March 10 & 11 Coffee & Tea Festival NYC 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Saturday); 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Sunday) Brooklyn EXPO Center Brooklyn, New York Join fellow tea enthusiasts for a weekend featuring more than 100 exhibitors from around the globe at the 13th annual Coffee & Tea Festival NYC. Enjoy tastings from some of your favorite tea companies, and discover new vendors. Hear from industry professionals at various seminars held throughout the event. Tickets cost $10 to $35 and can be purchased by visiting coffeeandteafestival.com. 16 Downton Abbey Dinner 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The English Tea Room Covington, Louisiana The television series may be over, but The English Tea Room allows the favorite British show to live on through the annual Downton Abbey Dinner. Don your best aristocrat attire or your cleanest servant…

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cadeaux français (french gifts)

Parisian Chic Add French flair to your kitchen with a set of four colorful tea towels adorned with favorite spots in the City of Lights. ($9.99, idreamoffrance.com or 888-963-7262) Oui Oui for Perfect Tea Steeping loose-leaf tea is trés facile with Kusmi Tea’s Eiffel Tower–inspired mug, complete with infuser basket and lid, available in red, white, or blue. ($35.95, en.kusmitea.com or 212-285-3990) Bon Appétit Give to yourself or a loved one Ladurée’s customizable box of 15 scrumptious macarons. These French delicacies come in flavors such as orange blossom, hazelnut, passion fruit, and pistachio. ($48.35, laduree.fr/en/ or 646-213-2806) A Petit Essential Don’t fret about making a mess when you set your tea bag upon one of these darling miniature Le Creuset teapot-shaped holders. ($9, lecreuset.com or 877-418-5547) Honey du Jour Harvested in Provence, these honeys flawlessly blend floral notes with…

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french teas

Grand Amour NINA’S PARIS parisinacup.com • 714-538-9411 TEACUP: Haviland Wilton “Aromatic raspberries and red currant balance well with the vanilla and caramel flavors of this pleasantly relaxing black tea.” —Janice Ritter, dealer program manager Paris for Her PALAIS DES THÉS palaisdesthes.com • 212-813-2882 TEACUP: Bernardaud The Fontenay “With apparent rose and raspberry flavors, this delightful green tea blend is a wonderful pick-me-up for a morning cuppa.” —Britt Stafford, associate editor French Garden PALAIS DES THES palaisdesthes.com • 212-813-2882 TEACUP: Jean Pouyat POY195 “I feel as though as I am sitting in my own garden when sipping on this delicious fruity and floral blend. It’s warm and refreshing if served over ice.” —Courtni Bodiford, stylist l’Été à Paris PARIS IN A CUP parisinacup.com • 714-538-9411 TEACUP: Bernardaud Pompadour With a pleasant sweet aroma, the strong berry presence in this black tea makes it perfect for a spring afternoon.” —Katherine Cloninger, editorial assistant Thé Mélange Ladurée LADURÉE laduree.fr/en/…

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an introduction to french tea

Paris is a city that never disappoints me. Every arrondissement is a treasure chest waiting to be opened, sniffed, consumed, and remembered. I gaze longingly into boulangerie windows, wander through outdoor markets, and relish the daily menus hastily chalked onto boards posted outside cafés. Fortunately, it’s an easy city to walk. If you’re like me, you’ll need to burn off those decadent calories you consume while satisfying your hunger for the most delicious city in the world. The long climb up Montmartre from the Moulin Rouge to the cathedral Sacré-Coeur is one of the best workouts for shedding those buttery excesses. For those of us addicted to the leaf of the Camellia sinensis, the great consolation is that we are never more than a short stroll from a salon de thé filled…