TeaTime May - June 2017

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come for tea

“How did you get interested in tea?” That’s a question I’m often asked, but it’s also one I frequently pose when writing articles for the magazine. Usually, the response the interviewee gives involves a wonderful family tradition passed along by parents or grandparents. If that resonates with you, why not honor those who instilled this love of teatime in you with an afternoon tea? Mothers, grandmothers, and girlfriends will enjoy our Tiffany Tea (page 22) and our Gazebo Tea (page 42). The men in your life will appreciate a manly menu in a setting where bow ties serve as napkin rings (page 33). If you prefer to give them something they can unwrap, we have several excellent his-and-hers selections in Necessary Things on page 13, not to mention our staff’s…

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dear teatime

A Sisterly Celebration In your September/October 2014 issue you had a great article on Michigan tearooms. This article has given me one of the most special experiences I could ever have hoped for. My sister and I were both born in September, and she retired in September of 2016. I used the article to find a very nice tearoom to take her and two friends to lunch. We had a great time, and we now have a great memory we share. We will be trying other tearooms now that we know where they are. Thank you for the great birthday experience! NADINE WHITE Via E-mail Teatime Inspiration I love my TeaTime magazine. I keep all issues and [am] constantly looking back for recipes. It is so soothing. SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON Via Facebook My guests often ask where I get…

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tea events calendar

May 7 Tea and Fashion in the Era of Downton Abbey 1:00 p.m. Victorian Society Cal State Fullerton Arboretum Fullerton, California Celebrate the styles and accessories from the years 1912 until 1929 at a four-course afternoon tea, accompanied by a fashion show. Guests are encouraged to get into the spirit with their own costume or to don beautiful hats for the occasion. Cost is $45 per person or $320 for a table for eight. To reserve tickets, call 657-278-4010, or book online at fullertonarboretum.org. 19 Scented Geranium Tea and Workshop 5:30 p.m. Pinecone Cottage Tea House Downers Grove, Illinois Whether you’re a novice in the garden or gifted with a green thumb, this event will offer instruction on caring for scented geraniums, preparing recipes, and enjoying tea featuring the fruits of your labors. As a parting gift, guests will take home three scented…

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thoughtful gifts for loved ones

Teas for Their Tastes Crafted especially for mothers and fathers, these Tea Gift Collections are perfect for parents who have different taste preferences. Each themed collection comes complete with five 1-ounce varieties of tea, a measuring spoon, and an infuser ball. ($19.99; culinaryteas.com or 866-799-4005) Polished Palates Tea connoisseurs will revel in Newby Teas’ gourmet loose-leaf line. Packaged in stunning 100-gram caddies, the fragrant notes of Supreme Jasmine or the warm, malty flavors of Rare Assam are ideal gifts for loved ones who appreciate fine teas. ($65 for Assam, $70 for Jasmine; newbyteas.us or 517-999-0590) Familiar Fragrances Does the aroma of a freshly mowed lawn or a big bouquet of flowers trigger fond memories of your childhood home? Peony Blush and Cut Grass 12-ounce candles come in a pristine white glass and offer refreshing scents…

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iced teas

Blackberry Cold Brew OLIVER PLUFF & CO. oliverpluff.com • 843-779-6622 GLASSWARE: Mikasa Stephanie “The blackberry leaves and flavoring used in this easy-to-steep black-tea blend impart a marvelous fruitiness.” —Lucy Herndon, stylist Morning Mojo THE TEA SPOT theteaspot.com • 303-444-8324 GLASSWARE: Mikasa Arctic Lights “Reminiscent of cake batter, the distinct flavor of vanilla in this tea is amplified when simple syrup and ice are added.” —Janice Ritter, dealer program manager Pure Peach Iced Tea ZHI TEA zhitea.com • 888-944-4832 GLASSWARE: Mikasa Lustre Platinum Collins “Whether sweetened or as-is, this classic black tea contains subtle hints of peach that don’t overpower the delicious taste.” —Britt Stafford, associate editor Apricot Peach Fruit Tea HC VALENTINE COFFEE COMPANY hcvalentine.com • 800-366-5836 GLASSWARE: Mikasa Capella “Crisp and tangy, the combination of apricot and peach stands out in this caffeine-free drink, making it a refreshing summer beverage.” —Sarah Howard, editorial assistant Tropical Passion Decaf SHANGRI LA Shangrilaco.com • 800-487-1648 GLASSWARE: Mikasa Jewel Band “Notes…

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the ritual of tea

My wife and I have found great delight this year in introducing our 2-year-old grandson to the ritual of tea. Whether green, strawberry, or black with lots of milk, Davis is enthralled with all the tea families and takes great pleasure in pouring the beverage from his tiny teapot into his porcelain cup with the giraffe handle. He gives the monkey-handled cup to Pop-Pop (that’s me). Never mind that much of the tea flows down the giraffe’s neck and into the saucer before he can halt the pour; these are skills that will come as his small hands coordinate with his eyes and brain. For now, we are thrilled that Davis is in love with his budding tea ritual. The ritual of tea, in its myriad forms, has been re-enacted for…