TeaTime September/October 2018

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come for tea

Autumn is upon us once again, and with it comes the gorgeous hues of changing foliage along with the ever-so-pleasant cooler temperatures, which usher in the tea parties and tea festivals of the season. The marvelous array of produce and warm spices traditionally associated with fall inspires this issue’s “Harvest Tea” (cover and page 21). Sure to garner rave reviews, our music-themed, buffet-style teatime (page 29) is perfect for an after-recital celebration. And if cooking or baking with tea strikes your fancy, you’ll delight in “Teatime for Tea Lovers” (page 37), which incorporates tea into every recipe of this inventive afternoon-tea menu. September is a busy month for tea festivals, with excellent ones taking place in Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Washington. (See “Mark Your Calendars!” below.) Kansas City is host to the…

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dear teatime

A Beloved Magazine “TeaTime magazine is my favorite magazine! One of my favorite segments is ‘The Tea Experience’ that shows photos and tells the story of how the shop owners began their tearooms. Inspiring! Thank you, TeaTime!” -DEBBIE AYERS via letter “My favorite teatime is anytime. Hot or cold—love tea! And love TeaTime magazine!” -JANE ARTEMAN BILL via Facebook “A big thank you to TeaTime magazine! I hosted a high tea party today for our group, the YaYa’s, and planned a menu using recipes from different issues of TeaTime magazine. TeaTime was a wonderful guide! The recipes were easy to follow, and my YaYa sisters and I enjoyed a lovely tea party and a wonderful day together. I enjoy reading each issue of TeaTime and eagerly look forward to the next. TeaTime will be my…

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tea events calendar

September 11 How to Speak Brit 2:30 p.m. Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour Pinehurst, North Carolina “Apples and pears,” “my go,” and “off to the loo.” These are just a few of the phrases speaker Allis Rennie will cover in her talk, “How to Speak Brit.” Join us for afternoon tea and begin your journey into the colloquialisms of the British. This educational and entertaining event costs $30 per person. To make a reservation or for more information, call 910-255-0100. 15 & 16 Tea with a Cause 1:00 p.m. The Green Leaf Tea Company Lincoln, Nebraska September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Owned by an ovarian cancer survivor, the Green Leaf Tea Company is hosting a teal-themed tea, and all proceeds raised will be donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, which supports patients and families impacted by this disease.…

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a bountiful harvest

Pumpkin Perfection Add an element of whimsy to your afternoon tea with this one-of-a-kind Autumn Blossom teapot designed by artist Heather Goldminc. ($59.99, blueskyclayworks.com or 909-930-6200) Steeping Sensation This pretty, wooden Flower Power Tea Nest keeps the tea hot longer while the leaves infuse, and its removable basket makes cleanup easy. ($14, teatangent.com or 610-756-6439) Bronze Beauties Enhance your tablescape and accessorize your napkins with intricate and elegant Harvest Leaf napkin rings.($32.99 for set of 4, wayfair.com or 844-654-8283) Seasonal Sweetness Impart the flavors of pumpkin spice, hazelnut, maple, or white chocolate macadamia to your tea with festive, fall sugar cubes. ($8 for 12 sugars, artisansugars.com or 800-923-6822) Decorative Delight While you prepare your favorite cuppa, rest your tea bag, spoon, or infuser on this rustic, handcrafted Bronze Leaf teabag caddy. ($3.95, stashtea.com or 800-800-8327) Beguiling Brews Boil water in style…

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oolong teas

Gaba Oolong GRACE TEA COMPANY gracetea.com • 978-635-9500 TEACUP: Richard Ginori Galli Rossi “The honeyed, banana-like notes of this oolong, which was exposed to nitrogen to boost gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels that are thought to promote mental function, make this a favorite.” —Lorna Reeves, editor Extra Fancy Formosa Oolong MARK T. WENDELL marktwendell.com • 978-635-9200 TEACUP: Julie Wear Gold Oak “Extra Fancy Formosa Oolong has a refreshing earthy quality that gives way to hints of roasted plums and peaches. A wonderful tea worth steeping again and again.” —Janice Ritter, dealer program manager Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong SIMPSON & VAIL svtea.com • 800-282-8327 TEACUP: Anna Weatherly Simply Anna “With bits of coconut and beautiful pieces of cornflower, this blend brews a sweet and light tea that reminds me of a delicious baked treat.” —Katherine Cloninger, editorial assistant Pink Passionfruit Oolong SIMPSON & VAIL svtea.com • 800-282-8327 TEACUP: Bernardaud Voyage “With a subtle…

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in search of oriental beauty

The road from Taipei rises ever higher into the mountains of Taiwan’s Hsinchu County as it wanders through forest-covered hills and beside deep valleys dotted with occasional homes and farms clinging to the mountainside. I came to Taiwan on a mission. I was in search of the source of one of the world’s most mysterious teas—a bug-bitten oolong indigenous to these mountains and known to tea connoisseurs as Oriental Beauty. May was about to become June, and rising temperatures were nudging tiny leafhoppers to begin their annual feasting on succulent, young tea plants. Nocturnal by nature, these cricket-like insects swiftly leap, fly, nibble, and hide throughout the tea garden. In most instances, farmers would act to rid their gardens of these pests, but for tea farmers of northwest Taiwan, these invaders are…