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The European Business Review July/August 2018

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where can your sense of wonder lead you?

In today’s business environment, what remains unchanged is that flicker of curiosity which fuels people’s imagination. And from that imagination, we see impressive results; we see leaders from bootstrapped startups to behemoth tech giants improve their offerings for our wellbeing and convenience. We see people and enterprises innovate. Similarly for our journal, our values, our mission… Everything transpired out of our sense of wonder, of our zest to discover the unknown. In this issue of The European Business Review, we present to you diverse perspectives on some of the most relevant topics concerning the business and society at large with the aim of letting you discover the answers to your inquiries. On the front cover, we cast the spotlight to the article “An Innovator’s Midsummer Dream Come True” which presents the insightful perspectives…

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it leaders must collaborate to thrive in the face of disruption

RATHER THAN ERASING HUMANS FROM THE EQUATION – AS SOME ALARMISTS HAVE CLAIMED WILL BE THE REALITY – AI’S VALUE WILL LIE IN ITS ABILITY TO EMPOWER PEOPLE. With the advancements in technology reaching their peak, we can see how powerful such disruptions are in upending our lives and the business processes in organisations, both in public and private sectors. What is needed now is to not just succeed in adapting to the ever-changing business landscape but also to thrive. In order to do so, we need to realise the importance of collaboration among and with technology experts across industries. Whether we are talking about artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity or blockchain, recent advancements in technology have drastically changed not only how businesses operate, but also the way in which people live. Industries…

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an innovator’s midsummer dream come true

Organisations are eagerly looking for new ways to boost their innovation capabilities and open innovation is a widely accepted paradigm to achieve this goal. The Merck Innovation Cup is a new open innovation concept that brings together bright young talent and experienced retirees in a meeting of the generations to create breakthrough innovation. The concept which has already created considerable value for Merck can be broadly applied for global benefit. How to do it is described here based on experience gained over seven Innovation Cups in seven years. “I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was.” William Shakespeare, A midsummer night’s dream, Act 4, Scene 1 The evolution of an idea Already long before Henry Chesbrough had coined…

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about the author

Ulrich A.K. Betz is Vice President, Head of the Department Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubator at Merck. He is responsible for global innovation management at Merck Biopharma across the value chain. Ulrich designed and implemented the Merck Innovation Cup, the Curious2018 – Future Insight Conference, co-designed the competition innospire and the BioMed X Outcubator, and started a comprehensive open innovation and crowdsourcing platform. He is also responsible for public private partnerships and strategic academic collaborations in Merck Biopharma R&D. Dr. Betz is an accomplished R&D manager with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including positions in the President's Office Merck Biopharma and positions reporting directly to the Heads of Research and Development at Bayer AG and Merck KGaA. He received his PhD in functional genomics and immunology from the University of…

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industry 4.0 – designing the factory of tomorrow in north rhine-westphalia

Industrial revolutions have changed society over the past centuries. Mechanisation with water and steam power was just as groundbreaking as mass production using assembly line technology or, most recently, the use of electronics to automate production. Now, digital transformation is bringing about the fourth industrial revolution, the digitisation of production. The term Industry 4.0 refers to the real-time-capable, comprehensive and intelligent networking of people, machines, objects and ICT systems in the smart factory of tomorrow. It provides enormous opportunities for industrial manufacturing processes. Germany, as the world’s leading industry supplier, offers outstanding conditions for this transformation. Companies are also increasingly investing in ICT solutions to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 transformation. At 97 billion euros, companies in NRW generate around one third of all German sales in this segment. One…

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quick facts

Nearly 1/4 OF GERMAN COMPANIES Around 21 percent of all German companies in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) have their headquarters in NRW. 250,000 PEOPLE Around 250,000 people work in the ICT sector in NRW. 103 bn € ICT-SALES The companies in NRW generate 31 percent of the German ICT sales. 85,000 STUDENTS Around 85,000 students in the fields of computer science, electrical engieneering and information technologiy provide great potential as skilled professionals as well as a creative start-up scene in NRW.…