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The European Business Review

The European Business Review March/April 2019

The European Business Review is a leading business intelligence magazine designed to ensure that its readers make informed decisions. It provides them indispensable insight, current best practices and is their best source of new ideas about what’s important. The European Business Review readers embrace leadership in their jobs and their lives. Their affluence, education, achievements, and wide ranging experience are unparalleled. They are the men and women who shape the world we love, the world we live in.

United Kingdom
EBR Media Limited
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2 minutos
creating and leading a future ready enterprise

As we head deeper into the year ahead, we strive to highlight the essential strategies and latest research studies that will enlighten and equip companies and their leaders to keep abreast with the advancements and stay ahead of the curve amongst disruptions and uncertainties in the business world. To open this issue we have the special feature entitled the Future Series, in which Peter Weill et al. shed light on the four different pathways companies take in their attempt to become “Future Ready” via digitally enabled business transformation. They found that companies who have advanced further in their digital transformation journey have significantly higher financial performance. The company that plays a crucial role in enabling the digital transformation journey of countless companies and organisations around the world is Software AG. It has…

10 minutos
future insight-from a 350th birthday to the start of a global movement

Merck, a vibrant science and technology company, celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2018. Dr. Ulrich A.K. Betz, VP and Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubator, highlights the vision the company has for the future as well as the series of science & technology programmes and activities that were set up in order to install a global movement, underlining the importance of science & technology to build a better world. Over the millennia humanity has made incredible progress in advancing science and technology, just compare one of our first tools, the stone age wedge, with the complexity of a modern computer chip. With the help of science & technology our population has grown to the amazing number of 7 billion people creating an unprecedented imprint on our planet resulting in a new…

1 minutos
about the author

Ulrich A.K. Betz, Vice President of Innovation Merck, is responsible for innovation management and strategic academic collaborations at Merck. He is an accomplished R&D manager with >20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, including positions in the President's Office Merck Biopharma and positions reporting directly to the Heads of Research and Development at Bayer and Merck. In his current role for example he designed and implemented the Merck Innovation Cup, the Curious2018-Future Insight Conference, the Merck Future Insight Prize, the Darmstadt Science Declaration, the idea competition innospire and the BioMed X Outcubator. Prior to joining Merck in 2005, he worked 7 years for Bayer AG in various scientific and managerial positions in Pharma Research. Ulrich received his PhD in functional genomics and immunology from the University of Cologne and…

10 minutos
four pathways to 'future ready' that pay off

Transformation is not easy but the companies who have reached “Future Ready” have significantly higher financial performance. Know about the different pathways companies take in their attempt to achieve breakthrough performance via digitally enabled business transformation. Digital changes everything – even in the cement business. In an effort to help their customers succeed in a complex and uncertain environment, the global cement company CEMEX became the first in the building materials industry to develop a multi-device customer integration platform. CEMEX Go provides services to streamline customer interactions including ordering, tracking shipments, and payment providing information and transparency to improve operational control, decision making, and productivity. Launched just over a year ago, CEMEX Go adoption raced to 20,000 active customers across 18 countries – a testimony to CEMEX’s ability to innovate and…

2 minutos
about the authors

Peter Weill, PhD, is an MIT senior research scientist and chair of the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at the MIT Sloan School of Management, which studies and works with companies on how to transform for success in the digital era. MIT CISR has approximately 100 company members globally who use, debate, support and participate in the research. Peter’s work centers on the role, value, and governance of digitiation in enterprises and their ecosystems. Ziff Davis recognised Peter as #24 of “The Top 100 Most Influential People in IT” and the highest ranked academic. Stephanie L. Woerner, PhD, is a research scientist at MIT CISR. Stephanie is an expert on how companies use technology and data to create more effective business models and manage the associated organisational change. She has…

5 minutos
software ag: touching the lives of millions for half a century!

There is a software company that does things differently; not clamouring to be the latest headline, but quietly running the world with precision for 50 years. That is in itself unusual, how many software companies turn 50, and in robust health? And how many do it on their own terms, actively promoting independence and interoperability with software from any vendor, anywhere and deliberately promoting customer choice? That is the Software AG way (Software Ltd. or Software Inc. in other words) and has been since the company was founded in Darmstadt, Germany (hence the precision software engineering) in 1969 – a garage start-up like, well, you know who. You possibly have never heard of Software AG and its trademark never appears on your PC or laptop but you probably use their software today. For…