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Summer 2021

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well suited

loss the rules, because nothing can dictate what you wear to your wedding. Today, more folks are opting for gender-neutral attire as an alternative to traditional wedding wear. While you might know exactly how you want to look on your day, it might be hard to know where to start. Conversely, you may not know what you want your outfit to look like, except that a nonbinary look is the best option for you. Here, we’ve gathered the best tips from industry experts to help you find a great look for all of your fashion needs—plus the best places to find gender-neutral wedding attire, both in-stores and online. HOW TO FIND GENDER - NEUTRAL WEDDING ATTIRE The first step to finding gender-neutral wedding attire is setting your budget. Keep in mind that…

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ask the knot squad

Q: I’VE BEEN SEEING A LOT OF FLORAL ARCHES AT WEDDING CEREMONIES BUT WANT SOMETHING THAT FEELS FRESH AND UNIQUE. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR A ONE-OF-A-KIND ALTAR? It is important to create a focal point for wedding ceremonies and artfully frame the couple at the altar. Although floral arches will remain a thing of the present, there is a beautiful, out-of-the-box alternative that is taking the floral community by storm. Literally, the phenomenon called “the floral storm” is a creative installation that mimics a tornado with a vibrant ombré of colors, seen above. The focal point doesn’t have to be flowers either. Consider an alternative location, like a sweeping staircase, to anchor the vow exchange. Talk about drama. However, before making any design decisions, reflect on your personal style.…

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meet our contributors

JESSICA PETTWAY PHOTOGRAPHER A GRAND AFFAIR P. 3 9 + REGISTRY AWARDS P. 6 5 Q WHERE CAN COUPLES WHO ARE STUCK AT HOME AMID THE PANDEMIC FIND WEDDING INSPIRATION? Social media is a great place for design and planning inspiration. I love searching for inspiration in DIY videos as well as in old books and magazines. A lot of vintage art and design books can still be found online, at your local library or in the library’s digital picture collection. For me, the pandemic has allowed me to take time for myself and come up with creative ideas and solutions. With more time on my hands at my studio, I have the freedom to experiment with different ideas and just have fun. @jesspettway EASTON SCHIRRA PHOTOGRAPHER COVER + LOUD & PROUD P. 3 2 Q…

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flower refresh

Q: HOW CAN COUPLES DO AWAY WITH A NARRATIVE THAT SAYS BOUQUETS ARE FOR BRIDES AND BOUTONNIERES ARE FOR GROOMS? Bouquets can be for grooms and boutonnieres can be for brides too. My wife opted to wear a boutonniere for our own wedding. Do whatever feels right for you. You can also think outside the box for your personals if bouquets or bouts don’t resonate with you. We once designed fresh orchid ascots for two grooms. The look was androgynous and totally fabulous. Q: WHAT ARE SOME NON-GENDERED FLOWER OPTIONS COUPLES COULD WORK INTO A CEREMONY? Installations are a fun, non-gendered way to add flowers into your wedding ceremony. We have done installs on everything from stairways and fireplaces to a motorcycle. When an androgynous to-be-wed booked us and didn’t want a bouquet,…

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top tips

FOR COUPLES: Ahead of the wedding, have a frank conversation about your expectations with attendees. Next, get yourself a right-hand person who isn’t afraid of confrontation, especially if you’re worried some less-than-supportive family members may create drama. At the wedding, have your go-to person keep an eye on anyone you're worried may cause issues—and handle them. There were things I didn't even know happened at my wedding because of the friend I chose and trusted to get things done for me. FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Don't focus on gender—instead, just pose the couple like two people in love. Let them take turns holding each other, being the dominant person in the photo (if there is one). With business, put your money where your mouth is. Make a list of local vendors you trust and consider…

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inclusive invites

MOLLY HICKS SHE/HER Lincoln, NE Founder of wedding stationery company Revolution Paper Co. @revolutionpaperco Q: HOW CAN COUPLES REWORD THEIR WEDDING INVITATIONS TO BE LESS GENDERED? Couples often ask if they have to word their stationery like everyone else. And my answer is a resounding, “Hell no!” Your stationery should be an extension of you and your partner’s personality—have fun with it. Q: WHAT TIPS DO YOU HAVE REGARDING ADDRESSING ENVELOPES WITH HONORIFICS? Bottom line: Feel free to forget the honorifics and only use the guests’ names. Honorifics can make people feel excluded. We should never assume we know our guests’ pronouns. Mr. and Mrs. are very gendered and some of your guests may be struggling with their identity. Avoiding gender in your stationery is a supportive way to let your guests determine their pronouns for themselves. Q: WHAT…