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The Week Junior is a brilliant current affairs magazine for children aged between 8 and 14. It’s filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious young minds and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.

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messages of love and support for new zealand after attack

Flowers were left outside mosques. Tributes have flooded in from around the world following a shooting in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand on 15 March. Fifty people died, and many more have been seriously injured. New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has said she will introduce stricter laws on guns to stop an attack like this from happening again. What happened? Jacinda Ardern met some of those affected.A man armed with guns attacked two mosques (places of worship for Muslim people) in the city of Christchurch. At the second mosque, he was chased off by a worshipper called Abdul Aziz, who had been inside with his family. Two police officers then arrested the man. Two explosive devices thought to belong to the shooter were later found…

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what to do if you’re upset by this story

A tribute in New Zealand. If you’re feeling worried or scared by what you’ve read or seen in the news, talk to your parents or another adult you trust. Talking about it will make you feel better. It is worth remembering that events like this are shocking because they happen so rarely. Remember that since the attack, lots of people have acted with great bravery, kindness and love. If you want more tips and advice, visit tinyurl.com/TWJ-advice…

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students strike for climate change

Protesters in Brisbane, Australia. On 15 March, an estimated 1.4 million young people in more than 120 countries missed school to protest against climate change. Climate change is the long-term change in weather patterns, mostly caused by harmful gases released by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The strikes (when people stop working as a form of protest) are thought to be the largest of their kind ever to take place.Young people from cities in Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australasia and Europe flooded the streets to tell politicians that time is running out to solve the problem of climate change. In the UK, thousands of students of all ages, from primary school to university, joined in. In towns and cities across the country, pupils…

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tess mclaren, aged nine

“Last week I went on a march in London called Fridays for Future because I don’t think grown-ups are doing enough to protect our planet and I care about the environment a lot. We started outside Parliament and went past Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. At Downing Street, we stopped outside the gates and shouted: “Do your job!” My favourite bit was blocking the roads by walking in the middle of them with all the other protesters!” …

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st patrick’s day is celebrated in style

On 17 March, millions of people took part in St Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world. The annual event honours the patron saint (a saint who protects or guides a certain place or thing) of Ireland, who is said to have died on 17 March in 461.Massive parades were held in several US cities and Ireland’s capital city of Dublin. Events were also held in Budapest, Galway, London, Moscow, Sydney and many other locations around the world. Many people carried shamrocks (clover leaves) – which are an Irish symbol – and dressed in green, to pay tribute to St Patrick. Although blue historically represented St Patrick, it is green that is now most commonly associated with the global celebrations.People have held parties and events on the date for hundreds…

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it’s an amazing week for…

The lobster. A RARE BLUE LOBSTER When fishmonger Tony McLean found a blue lobster among the catch he was delivered, he knew it was very rare. The odds of finding a blue lobster are estimated to be one in two million. The creature is now being rehomed at an aquarium in Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear. A 10-YEAR-OLD MATHEMATICIAN Charley Thomas Charley Thomas recited Pi to 220 decimal places during a school assembly to mark Pi Day on 14 March. Pi is calculated by dividing a circle’s circumference by its diameter. It begins 3.14 and is then followed by an endless number of digits. Thomas received a standing ovation for his impressive speech. FINDING GOLD Jewellery found in Norfolk that dates back to the…