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the main stories… and how they were covered

Chaos at the airport: fleeing the Taliban If anyone “needed further evidence of the West’s humiliation in Afghanistan”, said The Times, it was provided by its panicked evacuation efforts in Kabul this week. G7 leaders led by Boris Johnson had appealed for President Biden to extend his 31 August deadline for withdrawing US troops, in order to allow more time to evacuate foreign nationals and eligible Afghans. But Biden insisted the US was sticking to the original timetable. He had little choice given that the Taliban had made clear that it would accept no delay. Short of taking up arms again against the group, the US had to comply. The West was reduced to demanding that the Taliban grant safe passage after the deadline to anyone who wants to leave –…

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Controversy of the week America’s retreat “No empire is eternal,” said Allister Heath in The Daily Telegraph: they all, eventually, end in “hubris and humiliation”. The “heart-wrenching” calamity of the “botched Afghan retreat is merely the latest sign that the American era is ending”. Washington is no longer “the world’s policeman”: wherever one looks, “America’s blueprint has failed”. In the Middle East, everything the US has touched is in chaos: in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. In Israel and Palestine, its peace plans have failed. In Asia, China has embraced capitalism – one of the great triumphs of American ideology – but not democracy. US elites, confused and bitterly divided, are losing ground to authoritarians. It’s a far cry from “the glory days of Pax Americana” – the late 1980s and early…

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spirit of the age

The Globe Theatre has been mocked for issuing a trigger warning for performances of its new production of Romeo & Juliet. “This production contains depictions of suicide, moments of violence and references to drug use. It contains gunshot sound effects and the use of stage blood,” reads a notice on its website. The Globe defended itself, saying that the production seeks to de-romanticise the play’s tragic ending and that the suicide is unusually realistic. Sales of pygmy goats for use as pets has risen by as much as fivefold, partially driven by the soaring cost of puppies. Experts say the goats – usually less than two foot tall – are not only relatively cheap to buy, at around £150 for a castrated male, but cheap to feed, too.…

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good week for:

The F-word, after a study found that it has overtaken bloody as Britain’s most commonly used swear word. However, the analysis of transcripted conversations also found that the use of all expletives has declined over the past 20 years. Bond fans, who were finally given a release date for the latest film in the franchise. The much-delayed 25th film, No Time To Die, will open in British cinemas on 30 September. It was originally due to be released in the spring of 2020. Women at the bar, with news that there are now as many female full-time judges as male ones at the Old Bailey. Mark Lucraft QC, the Recorder of London, said that it was a “significant step in the right direction”, but acknowledged that more could be done “in respect…

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bad week for:

Snowdon, after conservationists expressed alarm about the crowds converging on Wales’s highest mountain. Snowdon is on course to receive more than 700,000 visitors this year, almost double the number in 2012. There have been reports of 45-minute-long queues to the summit, and of piles of litter and discarded camping equipment being left on the mountainside. McDonald’s, which was forced to take milkshakes off the menu at 1,250 UK outlets, as it became the latest business to be hit by serious supply chain disruptions (see page 42). Staycations, after new figures confirmed that the cost of self-catered accommodation in the UK has soared this year. On average, holidaymakers are paying 40% more than in 2019.…

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cornwall warning

The Cornish tourist board this week urged visitors to stay away unless they had pre-booked accommodation, in response to a spike in cases of Covid-19 in the county. Visit Cornwall also asked that visitors take lateral flow tests before and during their stays, and remain vigilant about hand-washing and social distancing. The latest figures show that Cornwall has 770 cases per 100,000 people, double the figure for the previous week. A single event – the Boardmasters surf and music festival in Newquay – may be linked to about 5,000 cases. The festival, in mid-August, was attended by around 70,000 people from all over the country. The UK recorded 174 new Covid-related deaths on Tuesday – the highest number since March, but still well below the peak of 1,820 deaths a…