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it wasn’t all bad

A message in a bottle has washed up on a beach in Hawaii, 37 years after it was cast into the sea by Japanese schoolchildren investigating ocean currents. Nine-year-old Abbie Graham was on a walk with her parents when she spotted the bottle, which had drifted over 6,000 km. The discovery delighted 54-year-old Mayumi Kanda, who took part in the original science experiment as a child. “It revived nostalgic memories of my high school days,” she said. The Arctic walrus that has been touring Europe since March has now turned up in Iceland. Wally had been last sighted 22 days earlier, off the coast of West Cork, and his admirers had been growing concerned about his fate. Conservationists said they were delighted that he was alive and well – and that…

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a new alliance

What happened Britain, the US and Australia signed a landmark security agreement this week to share military technologies. As a result of the alliance, dubbed AUKUS, Australia will become the seventh nation in the world to possess nuclear-powered submarines. It is set to acquire at least eight of them, the designs of which are likely to be based either on Britain’s Astute submarines, built by BAE Systems, or the US navy’s equivalent, the Virginia class. Canberra also intends to upgrade its strike capability by procuring Tomahawk cruise missiles. Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, hailed it as a “forever partnership… between the oldest and most trusted of friends”. But the unveiling of the deal – which resulted in the cancellation of a troubled multibillion-pound submarine contract between Paris and Canberra – prompted a…

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the gas crisis

What happened A surge in the wholesale cost of gas has created gaps on supermarket shelves and prompted fears of a steep rise in household energy bills. On a single day last week, the gas price, which has trebled in the past nine months, climbed by 16%. Business leaders warned of knock-on effects across the economy. Of particular concern has been the resulting shortage in carbon dioxide (CO2), which is used in a range of industrial processes, from the production of fizzy drinks to the packaging of chilled foods. This week, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng struck a deal with the owners of two fertiliser plants that produce most of Britain’s CO2 supply (a by-product of their manufacturing process) to ensure that at least one of them reopens. The plants had had to…

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clearing the dead wood

“A prime minister is seldom more powerful than on the day before a reshuffle,” said Robert Colvile in The Sunday Times. “But Boris Johnson might be the rare PM who emerges from one in a stronger position.” Last week’s reshuffle was not designed, like many, to balance factions and shore up power; it was a “rearrangement of the monarch’s court, done at his command”. There were some clear trends: the PM promoted “women, Leavers, culture warriors, good media performers and Johnson long-marchers”, or in the case of the new Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, all of the above (see page 27). He seems also to have elevated people who might rival Rishi Sunak, currently his “most obvious successor”: party favourite Liz Truss is now Foreign Secretary in place of Dominic Raab,…

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spirit of the age

Dishes such as bangers and mash were once considered staples of British cuisine; but many younger people have never even heard of them. In a survey for Aldi, nearly half of 24- to 35-year-olds said they didn’t know what bangers and mash is. One in seven thought toad in the hole was made with real toads and potatoes, while 41% thought the dish was “made up”. And almost a quarter had never tried a Scotch egg. In a reflection of the growing power of online influencers, several young TikTok stars were invited to join the fashion editors and film stars in the front row at this year’s London Fashion Week. They included Benji Park, aka @FashionBoy, who posts runway reviews, and Michael Aldag, a singer from The Wirral.…

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poll watch

One in three workers would not consider taking a job that required them to be in the office full time. And fewer than a fifth of employees expect to work five days a week in an office in future. The Daily Telegraph/IWG The Conservatives have regained their lead in recent voting intention polls. Opinium shows support for Labour on 37%, and the Tories on 40%, while YouGov’s latest polling suggests Conservative support is at 39%, with Labour at 35%. The Independent A fifth of baby boomers say the pandemic has had no real negative effect on their lives. Only 12% of millennials say the same. New Scientist/Kings College London…