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May 2018

Top Gear Philippines is a passion magazine. Top Gear dives into the full experience of buying, driving, and maintaining a car. From the coolest concept cars to the newest consumer models, from motorsports updates to the latest industry news, Top Gear gives its readers access to all things motoring. Other sections include in-depth car reviews, articles from Jeremy Clarkson, and a comprehensive buyer’s guide for those looking to purchase a new ride. Top Gear is a fun magazine that breathes excitement and moves people to seize their motoring aspirations. And if The Stig could talk, he’d be giving our readers just one piece of advice: Go out and drive.

Summit Publishing Co., Inc
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paulo.subido@summitmedia.com.ph Writing the editor’s note of the final issue of a magazine is something that every EIC dreads. But as heartbreaking as the folding of our beloved print edition is, the event also signifies a new beginning. We can now focus all of our efforts toward making the Top Gear Philippines brand even bigger than before. Going 100% digital is an opportunity to reach a wider audience, and to let our unique voice resonate even further. This transformation to digital didn’t happen overnight. In fact, topgear.com.ph first went live in 2009. Now, the website currently draws an average of 5.6 million page views every month, with 1.4 million unique visitors as well. These are awesome numbers—but they wouldn’t have been possible without the solid foundation that the magazine team (past and present),…

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starting grid

PAULO RAFAEL SUBIDO A bittersweet parting, but new adventures await in cyberspace. DINZO TABAMO Here’s to the old times and the best of new ones. Here’s to a song of glee. JASON DELA CRUZ Grateful to have been part of the magazine. It was a good run. ARIS ILAGAN Motorbikes rarely have reverse mode. Best option is to ride to the future. ELAINE LARA Stories about cars, rain, and P150 meals. Here’s how one epic story ends. RAYNAND OLARTE It’s a new chapter for the brand, and I’m glad it’s equipped for the future. TRACY CARPENA We’re evolving, just like cars. And it’s not easy. See you online. JASON TULIO And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again (online). What a ride. DREI LAUREL An epic run. Here’s to all shoots, road trips and laughs along the way. MARK JESALVA Grateful for every published photograph.…

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we couldn’t have done it without…

To boldly go where others fear to tread. Let’s go digital. BEEBOY BARGAS There are truly some events that end up changing your life. I remember the first time I appeared in TGP for Lexus. I remember the pride I felt upon seeing my first byline. I remember my Henry Ford award given for my first TGP print article. I remember the team not as co-workers, but as family. As much as it affects me that I’ll not be able to open up another issue to see my work on glossy paper, the future calls. We have answered. CARLO CHUNGUNCO Thank you TGP, my best friends in the industry, for over 10 years of shooting escapades. Better days are ahead. CHRISTIAN HALILI The imminent demise of the print edition saddens me. I thank the magazine editorial…

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we couldn’t have done it without…

Being part of the print editorial team was a dream job for a designer who loves cars. Long drives for shoots and long nights for deadlines with an awesome team was truly worth it. I’m excited for TGP’s new chapter! Keep on driving! JAYKEE EVANGELISTA The birth of TGP magazine in 2004 was an adventure! After the long wait every month for the hard copy from the press, reading TGP in print was always a worthwhile reward. I see the full transformation of TGP into digital as a concerted effort for an even faster adventure. The long wait for the press will be a thing of the past, and the online TGP will mean a quicker and more exciting story delivered to our readers. ROBBY CONSUNJI Goodbye print, hello again, digital. Change is constant,…

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can the forte sting the competition?

The Kia Forte just kind of disappeared, didn’t it? After the much-ballyhooed launch of the second-generation model in 2015, this compact sedan/hatch has seemingly vanished on our shores. You don’t see it very often on the road, either—probably because its direct competitors include juggernauts like the Honda Civic, the Mazda 3, and the Toyota Corolla Altis. It’s an unenviable position for a Korean upstart to be in. In fact, the last story we published about the Forte on TopGear.com.phwas back in 2016, a year after the launch. That is, until sketches of the third-generation model emerged ahead of this year’s North American International Auto Show. The teaser images showed promise, so we were excited for what lay ahead. And here we have it, the latest Forte. In terms of design, the car…

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the raptor cometh

Ah, the Raptor: big, bad, and arguably the apex predator of performance pickup trucks. Off-road enthusiasts have been drooling over this beefed-up F-150 for as long as we can remember, and here in the Philippines, many Ranger owners resort to plastering their trucks with aftermarket bits made specifically to imitate the Raptor’s iconic look. It’s tacky, we know. But can you really blame them? There has always been little to no chance that Ford Philippines would bring it here officially. And while there have been a handful of sightings over the years, these were no doubt gray-market units that had cost a fortune to bring over. The Raptor is just too big, too expensive, and too impractical. And then came news of its baby version, the Ranger Raptor. It was revealed in…