Trout & Salmon April 2019

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keep spring special

CHARLIE AND I have just walked around Rutland Water. We did our longer walk - saved for weekends and good weather. It takes us around Rutland’s peninsula, through two woods and around many famous bays. While I’m busy spotting life in newly flooded shallows, Charlie’s on squirrel watch. It’s been a while since we’ve done this walk - for reasons of gout, river working parties and one thing or another. We’re now on the couch recovering. It was unseasonably warm and we’d forgotten how steep those hills are. I’ve got my feet up and she’s lying belly-up next to me. As I stroke her I’m looking at her long curls, which I’ve been coveting for a while. Charlie’s a black-and-tan Patterdale/Fell cross, with a white chest patch. It’s the soft, tan…

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what our contributors are doing this month

CHRIS MCCULLY Contributor Chris is looking forward to a trip in late spring to the Pyrenees with photographer Richard Faulks, and to the Eden in early summer, as well as resuming his visits to the Yorkshire Dales. His fly-boxes are filled with novelties. By September he’ll be using the same patterns he’s used for 50 years. MIKE WEAVER Fly-tying demonstrations at the South West Fly Fair and the Snowbee Open Day will provide plenty of new flies for the opening of the trout season for Devon reporter Mike. He plans to start on the Yeo at Crediton with a Klinkhamer on the dropper and a beadhead Pheasant Tail or Hare’s Ear Nymph on the point. RONNIE GLASS Trout Surgery author Ronnie agrees when they say time passes faster as you get older as he suddenly…

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wish you were here?

RIVER SEINE, CHÂTILLON-SUR-SEINE Rising in the Champagne region of France, the River Seine is arguably the most southerly chalkstream on the planet, the very same river that runs through Paris before emptying into the English Channel. Pictured here 135 miles south-east of Paris near Châtillon-sur-Seine, the Seine is a very typical chalkstream with crystal-clear water running over clean gravel with heavy beds of ranunculus. The fish are predominately brown trout with some coarse fish. Most of the river in this area is controlled by local clubs. A guide is essential as finding the best spots and where to buy permits is a Gallic mystery. A 9ft four-weight is a good fit. One strange French quirk: you may fish in hip waders but chest waders are prohibited. Booking Trout season Starts April 1. Recommended guide François Deline.…

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amazing grayling close to record

CONGRATULATIONS TO Maidenhead rod Neill Stephen who caught this enormous grayling on a southern chalkstream in early February. It weighed 4lb 3oz – just one ounce and eight drams short of the British record. The pewter-coloured fish took a size 14 Killer Bug variant tied by Neill's friend Dave Lambert, fished on a French leader. It was just over 21in (53cm) long with a girth of 14in (35cm). Neill, an accomplished coarse-fisherman, said, “I’ve been obsessed with big grayling for the last seven years and spent much of my summers, autumns and winters fishing for them. I’ve loved the challenge offered by the low-stock fly-only waters where you can cover miles in a day looking for fish and it’s all about sight-fishing if you find them. “It’s never been easy, but in recent…

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an old flame

A sound once heard in most fishing huts, the unmistakeable metallic click of a Zippo lighter has been registered as a trademark. Some 550 million Zippos, bearing different designs, have been made since the mechanism was patented 75 years ago. In 1987, Trout & Salmon sold Zippo lighters with the T&S logo for £10.95. They are now collectable. We spotted one recently selling for nearly 60 dollars on a US website. In game-fishing the Zippo has uses other than smoking: singeing tubing on salmon flies; lighting stoves, Kelly kettles and handwarmers; or melting off-cuts of nylon. Incidentally, in 1987, T&S also offered pipe-smoker’s tobacco pouches. How times have changed.…

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number of the month 8,000

That's how many trout were caught by anglers using the Wye & Usk Foundation’s Fishing Passport scheme in 2018. The number of day-tickets booked through the scheme was 11,400. The Passport offers fishing across Wales and a beat on the River Don in Scotland – 217 fisheries in all. Some 35% of fishing was booked by trout anglers last year, 15% by salmon rods and 5% by grayling fishers. The remainder were coarse-fishers. This season’s digital brochure is available to download at…