Trout & Salmon June 2019

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cast the first stone

LAST WEEK MY WIFE AND I WERE watching a report on television about a food home delivery warehouse run entirely by swarms of robots. It started a heated discussion. “If humans are replacing the workforce with robots, and jobs being cut left, right and centre, who is going to be able to afford the products the robots are tasked with making or sorting. Who benefits in the long term? Isn’t it self-defeating? Isn’t the human race instigating its own downfall?” It got pretty heavy. A few days later I took a call in the office from a correspondent who’d received complaints about people holding fish “incorrectly” in the Gallery section. What’s this got to do with the human race imploding, you may ask? Well, it hasn’t in the grand scheme of…

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what our contributors are doing this month

MIKE HANDYSIDE Mike and the trout enjoyed an unseasonably warm February with fish moving into spring and summer lies very early after a mild winter. He welcomed an excellent hatch on one Severn tributary, catching big, superbly-conditioned wild trout. One afternoon he landed two fish of between 3lb-4lb. ANDY HURST After attending the International Salmon Conference in Edinburgh, and the Angling Trust Forum at Penrith, Lune reporter Andy is wondering how the messages apply to the Lune. He will be wetting a line for salmon on the lower river and, if the air temperature permits, making his night-time forays for sea-trout. TOBY COE Toby has just returned from a few weeks "delayed paternity leave" in New Zealand, where he managed to fit in a bit of fishing. With the best of the trout fishing about…

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wish you were here?

UPPER HOME, DARNAWAY, RIVER FINDHORN At the lower end of Findhorn gorge, just above the famous Sluie pool, the spectacular Upper Home beat offers left-bank salmon fishing for two rods. It is exciting water, for later spring salmon in May and June, and grilse and summer-run fish from late June to August. If you like to hitch a tube or fish a surface fly, Upper Home is a great place to try. There are 12 named pools, from Streenoch downstream to Gorge, just above Sluie. The Salmon Leap at Poolie is also included, where fish may be seen ascending the falls in the right conditions. A well-equipped hut overlooks impressive Craigie pool. Booking Tickets: Lets are three-day or six-day packages, available from mid-May to early August. Guided or unguided. Contact: Ian Neale. E-mail: ian@ Web:…

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slippery when wet

What would you do? This Burmese albino python was caught on a Flying C in a fast run on the lower Ribble in Lancashire in late February. The shocked angler, Samlesbury rod Michael Burrows, was using strong line and was able to haul the beast across the pool. It was foul-hooked near the head and already dead. Michael left it in the water. He said, “I have to say it was not a pleasant experience, it certainly unnerved me at the time." A few days later, further downstream, another rod had the same experience but this time on a fly-rod. Also, a foul-hooked Burmese python. It is not clear if the snakes were one and the same. Snakes that have outgrown their tanks are known to be released by irresponsible pet-owners.…

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salmon for everyone

This extraordinary 80-yard platform on the River Moy near Foxford has been built to help disabled anglers enjoy salmon fishing. Opened on March 29 by Michael Ring, Irish minister for rural and community development, it cost 200,000 euros, the funds largely provided by Inland Fisheries Ireland. Two senators, an MP, MEP and the head of Inland Fisheries Ireland were also in attendance, as well as members of East Mayo Anglers’ Association, whose tenacious 12-year campaign led to the platform’s construction. Visiting anglers are welcome (day tickets are 15 euros). There’s a car park and changing facilities. Prospects are good: the cast covers the productive Wire and Molloy’s pools. Anglers may fish fly, worm or spinner. Salmon fishing on rivers is not straightforward for wheelchair users. Wheelyboats are provided on some rivers as well as fixed…

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when attenborough speaks, people listen

To mark The International Year of the Salmon in 2019, charity Salmon & Trout Conservation asked Sir David Attenborough for his views on the plight of salmon. The result is a short film that depicts the salmon’s life cycle and the threats it faces, notably from salmon-farming. Sir David says, “The survival of these astonishing fish is at risk. Dams blocking their rivers, overexploitation, pollution of the water, the spread of parasites, diseases and fish escaping from open-cage salmon farms – all these, together with the inevitable effect of climate change, are threatening their very survival. “The International Year of the Salmon will help us kickstart efforts to reduce man-made impacts, restore their habitats, and so ensure we don’t lose the king of fish forever.” The three-minute video can be viewed on S&TC’s…