Trout & Salmon July 2019

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opportunity knocks

I’VE JUST RETURNED FROM THE ANNUAL Sportfish show at Theale in Berkshire. It was bathed in sunshine, the first warmth I’ve felt since Easter’s mini-heatwave, which gave way to cold north-east winds and temperatures that knocked hope of consistent hatches on the head. Apart from a handful of small trout off the river and a few four-fish evenings on Rutland Water dam, that’s been my lot. The mood at the show was mixed. On the trout side, everyone seemed to think that things were about to kick off. One T&S contributor from Cumbria - you can probably guess who - had already had a bonanza, landing many fish over 3lb. Admittedly, Paul Procter is the best trout fisherman you’re likely to meet, but his exploits give the rest of us hope. The…

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wish you were here?

LOUGH CORRIB, GALWAY AND MAYO A return to the mooring after a glorious evening’s sport on the mighty lough. The largest of the Great Western Lakes, Corrib covers 44,000 acres and is studded with more than 1,300 islands. It is arguably the best wild trout fishery in Europe. Each fish is beautifully and uniquely spotted, whether a bright pounder or a mighty ferox. When a golden shape rises through a wave to engulf your fly the memory will stay with you forever. A varied fly menu will be on offer in June and July making it an ideal time to visit. The trout’s main courses will be caenis, sedge and late mayfly hatches. The evening sedge fishing can be spectacular. Isn’t it time you made the pilgrimage? Booking There are many excellent guides on Corrib and…

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salmon get a leg up

Deer legs are being used to attract insects to feed salmon fry in an Aberdeenshire Dee tributary. Bundles of five or six legs have been pinned to the streambed in 16 locations on the River Muick. The three-year trial is being led by scientists from the James Hutton Institute working with the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board and Trust. The number of returning salmon has fallen in recent years and it’s hoped the legs will compensate for the lack of spawned-fish carcasses that naturally provide food for invertebrates. Where rivers lack dead adult salmon there are fewer insects, fry are smaller and belong to fewer genetic families. A lack of genetic diversity can threaten salmon survival. The legs of the deer are locally butchered and would normally be buried. Acting as a control measure…

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angler's bookshelf

NO. 11 JOHN GODDARD (1923-2013) John Goddard was a successful big-game fisherman and the manufacturer of Efgeeco tackle-boxes for coarse anglers, but he is better known to most of us as an expert in aquatic entomology, and an innovative fly-tyer. Halford, Mosely, Skues, West and others showed us the importance of imitating the natural fly in its various stages, but as an expert photographer Goddard was able to take this much further, publishing Trout Fly Recognition in 1966, and following it with Trout Flies of Stillwater in 1969. Later he refined this information in his Waterside Guide, and the encyclopaedic Trout Flies of Britain and Europe. In 1980 he teamed up with co-author Brian Clarke and publisher Timothy Benn to produce The Trout and the Fly: a New Approach, a ground-breaking work…

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win tickets to the game fair

Trout & Salmon has teamed up with The Game Fair to give away ten pairs of adult tickets (worth £68 per pair) to one day of the countryside festival, being held this year on Friday-Sunday, July 26-28. Now in its 61st year, The Game Fair will have plenty to hook fishermen when it returns for the second time to Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. For those who want to learn how to cast a fly-rod, tie a fly or simply catch a fish for the first time, the three-day annual celebration of the great British countryside is the place to be. Keen anglers can pick up tips and advice from some of the best in the business; watch expert demonstrations from celebrity fishermen and women; get old fishing tackle valued; win prizes in the…

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stylish every season

For charm and tradition, tweed has no equal. It will keep you warm and dry, provide camouflage and outlast synthetic clothing. Could this be the year you treat yourself to a sporting jacket or suit? Gillies know the benefit of tweed and many are clothed by The Guardians of Tweed, Campbell’s of Beauly, near Inverness – tailors and country outfitters since 1858. Campbell’s was awarded a Royal Warrant to HM The Queen in 2017 and has made clothes for members of the Royal Family, famous faces, as well as many a gillie and gamekeeper. The firm is owned by John and Nicola Sugden, who employ a team of seven in the shop’s bespoke tailoring workshop. Customers can choose from hundreds of tweeds, differing in yarn, weight, pattern and style. The cloth…