Trout & Salmon September 2019

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ewe salmon farm to close

ON JULY 9 AQUACULTURE GIANT Mowi (formerly Marine Harvest) announced that it is to close its highly contentious salmon farm in Loch Ewe, Wester Ross. This is great news for Loch Maree - once the best sea-trout fishery in western Scotland. For three decades, its migrating salmon and sea-trout have been forced to pass sea-lice infested farms in Ewe. Of equal importance is Mowi’s public admission of the problem. It states that the closure of the Ewe farm and one on Loch Duich is due to the “enclosed nature of the sea lochs where the farms are situated and the sites’ proximity to sensitive wild salmonid habitats”. Andrew Graham-Stewart, director of Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS), welcomed Mowi’s decision. “There can be no doubt that this is a vindication of S&TCS’…

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wish you were here?

RIVER RHEIDOL, WEST WALES When sewin-fishing at night on the Rheidol it can feel like you’re miles from anywhere and this gives you the opportunity to concentrate your senses in anticipation of that heart-stopping moment when all goes tight. There’s no feeling like it. The river is managed by Aberystwyth AA and offers 12 miles of mainly double-bank fishing with fantastic pools set in wonderful lowland countryside. The neck of Irmhytage (pictured) is a great cast early in the evening when fish will be found in turbulent water waiting to move upstream. The body and tail are best fished deeper into the night when fish have dropped back or entered under the cover of darkness. A floating line and 1in plastic tube is as complicated as it needs to be, but don’t use…

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hitcher on the tweed

MELTON MOWBRAY ROD Stephen Bolton caught more than he bargained for when landing this 7lb salmon on the Ladykirk beat of the Tweed in June. While salmon sometimes show signs of lamprey damage, it's unusual for one to remain attached in freshwater. Stephen said, “I can only assume the fish was fresh in off the morning tide as evidenced by several long-tailed sea-lice.” The lamprey was removed and the salmon swam away strongly, although it was left with a puncture mark in its belly following the unfortunate encounter. Stephen posted the picture on Facebook and despite 300 replies, no-one else had caught a lamprey in this manner. However, he said, “One respondent recounted that his waders had been damaged by a lamprey while fishing.” The salmon took a half-inch golden Willie Gunn tube and was…

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fancy a tipple?

Made with wild angelica, common bilberry and heather blossom, River Deveron Gin has been distilled to raise funds for the work of the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust. Trust director Richie Miller helped to refine the tipple’s taste and says that botanicals found growing on the banks of the river were used to “truly capture the Deveron’s essence”. To secure your bottle of Batch No.1 (£37.75, 70cl), call the trust office. Tel: 01466 711 388. Or e-mail: The licenced sale day is July 27, but numbers are limited and you are advised to pre-order.…

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get hooked on saltwater in cornwall

Thought about fishing for bass, but don’t know where to start? Expert advice is available at the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival, also known as The Salt, at St Mawes, Cornwall on September 12-15. This is the first year of Orvis sponsorship. In keeping with its 50:50 On The Water campaign to attract more women into the sport, Orvis hopes The Salt will appeal to “anglers from all walks of life and of all ages”. There’s fishing, talks and demonstrations, competitions for professional and amateur anglers, and a social side with a drinks reception, quiz and party For the chance to catch bass, mullet and mackerel – no licence needed – what are you waiting for? Tickets: £90. Find out more at:…

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5 minute interview

You’ve become one of the UK’s most well-known anglers. How did it all happen? I’m flattered, thank you. I think it’s a combination of working hard, completing my exams (Angling Trust and Fly Fishers International), competing in the Casting World Championships, promoting my fishing life on social media, continuous support from Orvis and hopefully bringing something new to the table being young, female and extremely dedicated. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but the journey has been life-changing, educational and very rewarding. Women are flourishing in male-dominated sports such as football. What will it take to achieve 50:50 participation in game-fishing? I’ve picked up on a few things that women from a shooting background have said to me when I’m teaching them. They mention that learning how to fly-fish is harder than learning…