Trout & Salmon October 2019

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signs of maturity

I’VE RECENTLY MADE A LIFE-CHANGING discovery. It’s an aid that’s been around for a while, but until now I’ve refused point-blank to consider using one. It’s something that old blokes wear, old blokes who fiddle with small things in sheds. I tend to see people who look much older than me wear them on the river. But who am I kidding? Even Paul Procter wears one these days and if he can come to terms with ageing, so must I. I’m talking about Flip Focal magnifying lenses — the ones you fix to the peak of your tweed cap or, if you want to look “cool”, baseball cap. The first time I looked through them was a Borrowers, or, if you’re younger, Honey, I’ve Shrunk the Kids moment. I suddenly had huge…

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wish you were here?

Before the cold weather grips, there’s still time to fish Stirling’s The Lake of Menteith, Scotland’s premier rainbow-trout fishery. The 700-acre lake’s fleet of 35 boats is reduced to ten from November 1, giving the staff a well-earned rest, but boats are available up to and after Christmas (there is no bank fishing on Menteith). Winter fishing can be harsh, but this lake has many bays offering shelter and if you’re lucky you’ll see rising fish and enjoy dry-fly sport, although sinking-line tactics with fry and regular patterns will dominate if the fish are deeper. This historic venue has three islands, including the ruins of 13th-century Inchmahome Priory. It is an iconic trout fishery with a unique atmosphere where superb grown-on trout are caught all-year round. Sport this season has been particularly…

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fishing again

We are delighted to report that Bob Harrison, Trout & Salmon’s longstanding Tweed reporter, who suffered a severe stroke last year, is back among the fish. He’s pictured on a Wheelyboat at lovely Coldingham Loch in the Borders where he was accompanied by family friend Judy Whitelaw and her grandson Ewan, who rowed the boat. Bob landed one rainbow and lost two — a great result bearing in mind he is unable to use his right hand and has had to learn to cast with his left. Wonderful to see you on the water again, Bob.…

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angler's bookshelf

Flying Salmon, A Boy Goes Trouting and Catching Salmon & Sea-trout. NO. 15 G P R BALFOUR-KINNEAR (1888-1978 ) Read about the life of Balfour-Kinnear in "Fly-Fishing Luminaries" on p66. His writings were extensive. Flying Salmon (1937) is a useful explanation of greased-line fishing, and includes two entertaining chapters on fishing for salmon with flies without hooks. A second edition was produced in 1947, after the stock of the first edition (and of Spinning Salmon) was destroyed during the London Blitz. The second edition omits the hookless fly chapters, but makes detailed comparisons between the use of gut and new-fangled nylon. As Walton did with Piscator and Venator, Balfour-Kinnear uses an imaginary discourse between The Sheep and The Shepherd to explain his points. Spinning Salmon, published in 1938, covers lightweight thread-lining with the…

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igniting a passion

Aberdeen Fly Fish 50 is a new initiative that aims to take 50 people from their first cast to their first fish. Run by volunteers, it is hosted by the Dee Salmon Fishery Board with support from the River Don and River Deveron. The project gives lessons to beginners and intermediates as well as hosting “come and try” events. Dee fisheries development officer Ross Macdonald said, “We are delighted with the start we’ve made and I believe we can inspire new people to join us and share our passion.” In 2020 there will be five-lesson blocks at trout fisheries across Aberdeenshire with 50 new people receiving professional instruction. After three sessions, participants will be able to go fishing under their own steam but with follow-up support available. Ross said, “Tackle and safety equipment are…

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price guide

Flying Salmon (1937) With or without dust-wrapper: £60 (Unfortunately the paper used for the dust-wrapper of the first edition of Flying Salmon, and that of Spinning Salmon, had such adhesive qualities that invariably the flaps have become stuck to the endpapers. It is impossible to find dust-wrappered copies in fine condition.) Flying Salmon (2nd edition, 1937) In dust-wrapper: £50. Without: £30. Spinning Salmon (1938) With or without dust-wrapper: £60. Catching Salmon and Sea-Trout (1958) First edition in dust-wrapper: £35. Without: £20. Reprints: In dust-wrapper: £25. Without: £15. A Boy Goes Trouting (1959) In dust-wrapper: £20. Without: £10. More About Trout and Salmon (1963) In dust-wrapper: £20. Without: £10.…