Trout & Salmon February 2020

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the right to be heard

TAY GILLIE ROBERT WHITE HAS launched a parliamentary petition on behalf of The Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association’s (SGA) Fishing Group, demanding an all-inclusive consultation on the future of stocking on Scotland’s salmon rivers. “The SGA Fishing Group is not necessarily pro-stocking,” says Robert. “There are a mix of views on the subject. But we believe the proper process is a full consultation.” There is a feeling among anglers that Marine Scotland’s view (they don’t favour stocking) will become government policy through the back door, with officials discussing their position at river board meetings but without formally consulting gillies, riparian owners, hatchery investors and employees. With salmon runs worryingly fragile, angling participation — and optimism — is at its lowest level since UDN and many fishermen feel ignored. Taking hatcheries — as a tool…

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wish you were here?

RED SCAR WOOD POOL, ELSTON BEAT, RIVER RIBBLE Perfect summer water at Red Scar, one of the best salmon casts on the Elston beat. The stretch is controlled jointly by Wigan District AA and St Helens AA, who provide 3½ miles of single-bank fishing to season-ticket holders. The pool is best fished in spring and summer with a floating or intermediate line, using flies from 1in tubes up to size 12 doubles, depending on water conditions. The Tun Brook, meeting the Ribble in the top right of the picture, has created a sandbar over the years. Running fish can be seen leaping it as they enter the pool a few hours after high tide, which really gets the pulse racing. Information and tickets Season Salmon: February 1-October 31. Seasons tickets £37 a year. Available…

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dates for your diary

JANuAry 23 Orvis saltwater fly-fishing talk with Neville Broad Orvis Regent Street (6pm) FEBruAry 8-9 British Fly Fair International 2020 Staffordshire County Showground MArCH 6-8 Glasgow Angling Centre Spring Open Weekend The Point Retail Park, Saracen Street MArCH 20-29 Wild Trout Trust Spring Auction To offer a “lot”, contact Bruno Vincent: MAy 16-17 Sportfish Show Sportfish Game Fishing Centre, Reading SALMON SEASONS, rIvEr By rIvEr Scotland England and Wales (search: national rod fishing byelaws) Ireland (view salmon angling regulations tab)…

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number of the month 11,000

That’s how many common alder trees will be planted by the (Aberdeenshire) Dee District Salmon Fishery Board on tributaries of the upper river this winter. Funded by Cairngorm National Park Authority, the trees will create bankside shade, reducing the risk of high water temperatures caused by climate change and providing a better habitat for juvenile fish. The board also says the alders will increase nutrients (leaf litter and invertebrates) in the river, stabilise banks to reduce erosion and therefore improve water quality, connect habitats and assist flood management.…

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care for your catch

Releasing a salmon quickly and preserving the memory with a photograph can be tricky. Follow these guidelines to make sure your fish has the best chance of survival. Before fishing a pool, identify where you can land the fish safely. Somewhere without sharp rocks or grit, which can harm the fish’s protective mucous and scales. Play and land fish quickly to avoid exhausting them. Using a net is preferable and keep the fish in the water at all times. Do not drag it up the bank. Use a net with fish-friendly knotless small mesh. Never lift the fish by its tail or gills. Ensure your hands are wet. Use long-nosed forceps to remove the hook quickly and minimise contact with the fish. If a fish is deeply hooked, near its…

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better days ahead

FEBRUARY IS A WRETCHED MONTH. It is stuck in a time warp all of its own making, neither winter nor spring. Listing the great things that have happened in February is a little like reciting the names of famous Belgians: as with the month itself — a short affair. Perhaps that is to be its redeeming glory. Am I being unfair? As I squidge my way along naked banksides and stare up at wet-black trees standing against a grey sky that rarely reveals the sun I’m inclined to say no, but the chalkstreams, in gradually unfurling themselves towards the new season, do offer hope. However, don’t anticipate being heartened by the sight of trout, for there will be none. After spawning, our natives simply disappear from view, hunkering down among tree…