Trout & Salmon June 2020

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editor’s letter

ONE THING THE PANDEMIC HAS done is make us realise that we shouldn’t take the outdoor activities we love for granted. As I write, it’s Easter weekend. It’s sunny and warm and I’m fortunate to have a garden that needs tending. I’m also lucky that work continues. T&S is being produced on kitchen tables, bedroom drawers and fly-tying benches and will, I hope, continue to bring you a little light relief in these testing times. I’ve been keeping busy, filling the fishing void with things that normally take a back seat. I’ve just shovelled a ton of rubble, the potatoes are in (possibly too early) and I’ve sown Cobra and runner beans, which by the time you read this may be up and climbing. The loss of my reservoir dry-fly box last…

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In the event of it being difficult to buy a print copy of Trout & Salmon over the coming weeks, we are doing our best to ensure that your favourite magazine will still be available on digital platforms. So, if you can’t find us in stores, or if you’re stuck inside, please consider: • Downloading our Trout & Salmon app from the iOS or Android app stores. We have some superb one-off subscription offers with discounts of up to 50%. You can also purchase single-copy issues if you wish. If you’re a Kindle Fire user, you can download our magazines from Amazon Newsstand. • If you are a print subscriber and we cannot deliver issues to you owing to the Covid-19 situation, please visit: where clear updates will be given. We…

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first cast

JUST IN TIME The Wild Trout Trust annual auction has raised an outstanding £70,000 despite bidders fearing they will be unable to take up fishing lots this season. Some 320 anglers were successful in the March 20-29 eBay sale. The money raised is only just shy of last year’s record of £72,000. WTT said that “The timing of the auction was (to put it mildly), unfortunate, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis” but “many of the generous donors indicated they were happy to be flexible and will defer to next season if necessary”. Refunds will be offered if Covid-19 prevents bidders taking their day. 15 MILLION PINGS The Atlantic Salmon Trust’s Moray Firth Tracking Project has published preliminary evidence that reveals where Scottish salmon are dying. It has discovered higher than expected…

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BEST BEATEN TWICE Denzil Stockton from Wistaston, Crewe caught this 11lb 6oz brown trout from Llandegla Fishery near Wrexham. He was fishing into a cool breeze with a floating line and a Green-and-Black Buzzer, 6ft beneath an indicator. Denzil said, “I’d decided to cast from the downwind bank as fish often follow the wind, but I could only get my fly out 10ft.” Sometimes that’s all it takes, and he caught another brown trout of 5lb-plus and two of 3lb before hooking the big one. Denzil said, “It went on several powerful runs. I was fishing with 8lb leader, so I kept the pressure on and prayed I’d tied my knots well. Thankfully everything held and my friend Rick netted the fish. My previous biggest trout was a 5lb rainbow, so…

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high summer on the avon

IT IS A MARVELLOUS THING WHEN you get the chance to fish a river you have read about. As a total bookworm, I have fished in my imagination with most of the great angling writers, beginning in the early 1970s with the American Ernest Schweibert, who seemed to have fished just about every famous stream on the planet. Dream fishing ignited in me a passion to one day fish those waters. So, when the opportunity arose to fish the Avon, I jumped at the chance. From the books of Frank Sawyer and Oliver Kite I knew that Netheravon on Salisbury Plain was where upstream nymphing developed into the Netheravon Style. Commonly known as traditional or sight nymphing, it involves casting weighted nymphs to sighted fish in crystal-clear water and detecting the take…

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Coombe Mill is a great water for stalking fish and sight nymphing in the style of Sawyer and Kite. Summer evenings and overcast days can see good dry-fly action. The mayfly hatch is often spectacular. A grayling ticket, available after October 15, is excellent value. BOOKING: The beat is for one or two rods. 9.30am to dusk. Bank-fishing only. Catch-and-release with barbless or de-barbed hooks only. Upstream dry-fly only, April 15-June 30. Upstream dry-fly and nymph, July 1-December 31. Contact Fishing Breaks. Tel: 01264 781 988. Web: PRICES: April 15-May 14, £125 per rod. May 15-June 15, £165 per rod. June 16-October 15, £100 per rod. October 16-December 31, £50 per rod. LOCATION: Coombe Mill, Coombe, Endon, Wiltshire SN9 6DE. Details correct at time of press.…