Trout & Salmon October 2002

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editor’s letter

I SAW A PARAKEET FLY OVER MY GARDEN THE other day. Its squawk alerted me — and my terrier. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in Rutland. My mother-in-law, who lived in Twickenham (useful for the Six Nations) used to see flocks of them flying over her garden. Ring-necked parakeets are the UK’s only naturalised parrot. Escaped birds found a stronghold in the warmer Home Counties and now it seems they’ve moved further north, unless the lady down the road is missing Polly. A family friend used to give me feathers from his parakeet — they made good apple-green buzzer bodies. There was a proliferation of birds in my garden during the spring lockdown. It sounds odd, but I miss that time. It felt like a simpler, quieter way of…

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first cast

HISTORY IN THE MAKING If you’re fishing in the Borders this autumn, set aside time to visit the River Tweed Salmon Fishing Museum, which opened on September 3. Three years in the making and costing more than £70,000, the museum celebrates the unique role that the Tweed and town of Kelso have played in the history and development of fishing for salmon with rod and line. More than 2,000 objects have been gathered, including tackle, film, photographs, maps, books and illustrations. Highlights are a replica 19th-century fishing bothy with an old Tweed boatman puffing on a clay pipe; and T&S contributor Ronnie Glass’s replica of the Eighth Earl of Home’s 69lb salmon, landed on a horse-hair cast in 1743. Funding was sourced from an environmental charity, local council grant and private…

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SILVER LINING TO LOCKDOWN Fourteen-year-old Connor Elliot of Hawick, Scottish Borders, caught this 7lb 8oz brown trout from Bank House Fishery, Lancaster. Unable to play football due to covid, Connor started fly-fishing with his father, Craig, to get out of the house. Craig has taught him how to cast and tie flies and Connor says he has really enjoyed it. He not only caught this fish but tied the successful fly, a red-cheeked olive buzzer. The family were holidaying in Blackpool when Connor and his father visited Bank House Fishery. “I was watching when he hooked the fish and I could see it was a good one, but Connor played it on his own. I landed it for him when it was ready. It’s his biggest fish by far. In fact, he’s been…

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beneath the hill of fire

TINTO IS NO RUN-OF-THE- mill fishery. It was established in 1992 by John Reid, a wellkent face in angling north of the border who passed away too soon in 2015. John committed his life to fly-fishing. He ran a hatchery for Avon Angling Club in Lanarkshire for many years, founded Strathclyde Fly Dressers’ Club in 1974 and encouraged many youngsters into the sport. He wrote an angling column in the local paper and was a key figure in various bodies set up to safeguard angling interests in the area, including salmon fishing on the Clyde. John fished extensively round Scotland and particularly loved the wild trout of Caithness. He liked to think of Tinto as his own little slice of that fine county, or as close to it as he could…

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BOOKING All fishing must be booked in advance. Tel: 01899 308 697. Tickets: £15 per session. Catch-and-release only. Summer sessions are 7am to 4pm and 4pm to one hour after dark. Winter sessions are all day. Lyoch is open all year; Cleuch from mid-March to mid-October. Tinto Trout Fishery is only 30 minutes from the M74 near Biggar in Lanarkshire; one hour from Glasgow. TACKLE Lures work but matching the hatch will bring the best results. The dry-fly fishing can be spectacular. Sedge, various Buzzers, Bibios, Heather Fly, Daddylonglegs, Hoppers, Muddlers and F Flies will all produce depending on what’s hatching, as will Ace of Spades, Alexandria, Blae and Black, Soldier Palmers and traditional wet-flies. Black flies generally do well. Fin took the majority of his fish on a black claret emerger pattern with…