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editor’s welcome

DID YOU SEE BBC1’S PANORAMA ON APRIL 12? “The river pollution scandal”, presented by reporter Joe Crowley, revealed shocking data about the UK’s biggest water companies illegally dumping untreated sewage into our rivers. A permit system exists to allow water companies to release raw sewage via storm overflows if water heights reach a certain threshold. Releases below this are illegal. However, statistics shared by the programme revealed a blatant disregard for the current permit system, with seven out of ten big water companies in England illegally dumping sewage a staggering 403,000 times in 2020. This resulted in just four prosecutions. Anglers, of course, are only too aware of this pollution. We see it, smell it and wade in it, yet our complaints fall on deaf ears. Reading this data cements our fears,…

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first cast

HISTORY FOR SALE Not many world-class fisheries in England come on to the open market but one such is Abbots Worthy on the Itchen in Hampshire, writes Derek Bingham. The asking price is £1,100,000. For sale for the first time in more than 50 years, it has recently been leased to the Piscatorial Society, whose standards of management have maintained the high quality of the fishing. The tenancy is due to expire in September 2021. The Itchen, with its crystal-clear waters, is among the very best of our chalkstreams and with the neighbouring Test, it is where dry-fly and nymph fishing developed. Abbots Worthy offers 33 acres of water meadows and woodland through which the river flows, providing 2,328 yards of single- and double-bank fishing on the main river and carriers. The land has been…

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THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES Yvonne Torrish prepares to return her first-ever salmon to the Helmsdale. Despite running Glencoast, the tackle and outdoor clothing shop in Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale, she rarely has time to enjoy the famous Highland river. But with the shop closed due to Covid, Yvonne took the chance to grab a day with her dad, gillie John Torrish, on the estate’s beat five. The pair were fishing Foam pool when the sealiced, ten-pounder took her Torrish Morangie, a fly designed and named by John. “I am still absolutely buzzing,” said Yvonne. “The lassie-with-the-tackle-shop’s first salmon was a very special day for team Glencoast. It was extra special to have my dad as my gillie and my son Aaron also fishing the beat.” Both Yvonne’s grandfather and father have been gillies on…

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sharpe’s fish of the month

Caught a memorable fish? Send us a picture and a brief story to Each picture published will receive a Sharpe’s of Aberdeen baseball cap. The captor of the Fish of the Month will receive a Sharpe’s rod of their choice. Our winner may have landed a big fish, a first fish, an unusual fish or simply told a wonderful tale. The editor’s decision is final. Fish for the next (July) issue must have been caught between April 10-May 10. Closing date for submissions is May 10. For terms and conditions, visit: For our Privacy Policy:…

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buzzers on a balmy day

THE NIGHT BEFORE I GO fishing is usually spent contentedly at the vice. I’m convinced flies tied late in the proceedings are better as they are more likely to be based upon sound reasoning and trust. However, I was unsettled on the eve of my first outing last season on beautiful Eyebrook Reservoir. Despite searching high and low, I couldn’t find the rod I needed. Like many of you, I have a number of rods. Something my wife regularly observes. In my defence, I use the analogy of, when young, needing to have a number of girlfriends to find “the right one”. It doesn’t wash with her and what didn’t wash with me was the whereabouts of my favourite 10ft five-weight Sage One. I slept fitfully and in the morning…