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editor’s welcome

SOMETHING’S BUGGING ME. I WAS CHATTING to someone about river trout the other day and we were wishing we were knee-deep in a heavy hatch of large dark olives. Then we moved on to the big trout we’d seen caught in recent weeks and I raised the subject of repeat captures. Repeat captures of wild trout on rivers are more common than you may realise. For example, Kenny Galt, scientist at the Tweed Foundation, uses repeat captures (identified through angler’s photographs) to help gather fascinating information about trout distribution and migration in the Tweed catchment. Now you may not be concerned about the same fish being caught numerous times, but it may bother you that anglers are deliberately targeting known big wild trout. It bothers me. It appears that some big specimens…

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first cast

FAILURE The Environment Agency’s marks its 25th birthday this year, but it is not an occasion to celebrate, according to a report published by Salmon & Trout Conservation. In Doing its job?, S&TC describes a litany of EA failings that have led to only 14% of England’s water bodies being in good ecological condition and 39 of 42 salmon rivers being “at risk” or “probably at risk”. Nick Measham, S&TC chief executive, said: “Despite a quarter of a century of [the EA’s] oversight, the freshwater aquatic environment is still heavily polluted, fragmented and we face a biodiversity crisis with many freshwater species in steep decline or, in the case of the Atlantic salmon, at risk of extinction. We are at a point when business as usual is no longer an option if we…

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STRIKING SILVER ON THE TAY River Tay regular Robert McFarlane returned to one of his favourite beats, Kercock on the middle Tay, to find the water already at summer level but with good cloud cover in the morning. “You would have thought it was only a matter of time before the line tightened,” said Robert. But with no fish by lunchtime and the sun burning off the cloud, a change of tactics was called for. Robert switched to a Vision 110 lure and headed up to The Dungeon Pool, one of the deepest on the beat. “This beat is renowned for producing big fish, so it’s always in the back of your mind that the next pull could be something serious,” he said. Minutes later he found himself playing a fish that set off on…

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Caught a memorable fish? Send us a picture and a brief story to Each picture published will receive a Sharpe’s of Aberdeen baseball cap. The captor of the Fish of the Month will receive a Sharpe’s rod of their choice. Our winner may have landed a big fish, a first fish, an unusual fish or simply told a wonderful tale. The editor’s decision is final. Fish for the next (August) issue must have been caught between May 11-June 8. Closing date for submissions is June 8. For terms and conditions, visit: For our Privacy Policy:…

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good for the soul

WHEN LOOKING FOR sea-trout fishing in Wales it is hard to sway from the revered big three: Dovey, Teifi and Towy. However, Wales is blessed with an abundance of sea-trout rivers. The size and timing of their runs varies, but their appeal, beyond the beautiful landscapes through which they meander, is that they’re invariably accessible through a local club at an affordable rate. While migratory fish in many rivers have suffered over the last few years, some populations have, if anything, become healthier. One of these is the River Conwy in North Wales. The Conwy appeared on my radar when I was guiding on my home river, the Teifi, chatting to a client about previous sea-trout fishing experiences. The gent in question extolled the virtues of what he’d witnessed on the…