Trout & Salmon October 2021

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editor’s welcome

I’VE JUST RETURNED FROM THE TWEED. IT WAS IN many ways a trip to remember. We had a slight lift — all of nine inches — which, given recent low water, was celebrated with gold medal applause. Reports of fish waiting in the wings had spread throughout the catchment, and even the gillies were excited, promising a run of fish and an improvement in catches as the sediment cleared. When your gillie says on the first morning, “We’ll have four today and one sea-trout” it sharpens your focus. Whether this was a ploy to get his rods to fish hard I’m not certain, but it worked. Light rods and flies were put to task, and we ended the day only one salmon short of the target. The water cleared on…

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first cast

CANCER COMMUNITY A new fishing charity, Castaway, aims to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of men and women affected by cancer. Organised by the Countryside Alliance Foundation (CAF), the first event (fully booked) takes place at Sportfish, Theale in Berkshire on September 18. It’s hoped many more will follow. The Foundation formerly supported Casting for Recovery in the UK, the charity that helps breast cancer survivors by holding fly-fishing retreats, but CAF said the pandemic has affected funding and made it difficult to hold residential courses. Instead, Castaway will host one-day courses, open to men and women recovering from any type of cancer. Castaway ambassador Charles Jardine explained that the new programme is inspired by the memory of the late Jill Grieve, former chair of Casting for Recovery in the UK. He said,…

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UP AND RUNNING After being flooded off for the first two days of their trip, Fred Brown from Blairgowrie, Perthshire, returned with his brother Hugo to the Upper Home beat at Darnaway, River Findhorn to find the waters dropping and fish running in good numbers. “We saw fish showing after lunch in Craigie Pool below the hut. We were getting regular pulls and boils to the flies,” said Fred. He lost four fish before managing to land this silver 15-pounder. “My brother also hooked and lost fish including a very big one that threw the hook as he tried to scramble down the rocks and lead it into quieter water.” Fred’s fish took a magenta and orange tube at the tail of the Craigie Pool before going on a long run…

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sharpe’s fish of the month

Caught a memorable fish? Send us a picture and a brief story to Each picture published (p10-11) will receive a Sharpe’s of Aberdeen cap. The captor of the Fish of the Month will receive a Sharpe’s rod of their choice. Our winner may have recently landed a big fish, first fish or unusual fish. They may simply have told a wonderful tale. The editor’s decision is final.For terms and conditions, visit: For our Privacy Policy:…

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far and away

THE WILD BROWN TROUT lakes that pebbledash the Welsh mountain and moorland landscape contain many undisturbed gems — or crown jewels as my late friend Moc Morgan referred to them. Lying 1,200ft up the northwestern side of the Plynlimon catchment sparkles Nant y Moch, a 680-acre wild trout reservoir, created during the early 1960s after the damming of the headwater streams of the River Rheidol. Upon the dam’s completion, the resident head of wild brownies was supplemented by either 4,000 or 40,000 (records vary) Loch Leven eyed ova, with the intention of creating a new fishery. The seven feeder streams around the water provided ideal spawning burns for the trout, and 60 years on they continue to thrive. I like to fish waters that carry enough character and history to help…

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a life on the river

ALARM BELLS HAVE BEEN ringing on Speyside at news of the SNP coalition with the Scottish Green Party. At first glance, it seemed positive that part of the Green’s manifesto pledged to phase out and block the expansion of traditional salmon-farming practices until environmental and animal welfare concerns are addressed. Delving deeper though, they also pledge to end all fieldsports. If this includes angling, it will not only mean the loss of income to rural economies but also a loss of livelihoods and a way of life. Fishing is the UK’s biggest participant sporting activity. According to the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association there are over 2,300 salmon and sea-trout fisheries in Scotland alone and 4,300 full-time equivalent jobs. Together with the new UK Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, which states that animals be…