Trout & Salmon January 2019

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fish farmers brought to heel

IN THE MAY ISSUE I REPORTED ON welcome political progress on the salmon farming front with the conclusion of the first stage of the Scottish Parliament’s Inquiry. The Environment Committee’s report was condemnatory on salmon farming’s abysmal environmental record, emphasising that: “further development and expansion must be on the basis of a precautionary approach and based on resolving the environmental problems. The status quo is not an option”. On sea-lice the report was unequivocal that radical change was imperative to protect wild fish. Since then we have been waiting for the completion of the Inquiry’s second stage, the report by the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee, amid concerns that delays in publication (it was expected in June) indicated Government pressure was prompting redrafting with recommendations being significantly diluted. In the meantime,…

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what our contributors are doing this month

ROD CALBRADE Photographer Rod is not a cold weather grayling fisherman and waits for a settled, slightly warmer period to go after them with Spiders and occasionally a dry-fly. If he’s not chasing grayling, he will be taking pictures for the River Ribble Trust of the Ribble and Hodder, their tributaries and becks. STUART FOXALL Stuart recently fished the Derbyshire Wye and caught a number of grayling over the magical 2lb mark. This month he hopes to fish Welsh rivers and the Test to see if he can get a three-pounder. But the opening day of the salmon season can’t come soon enough and the chance to connect with a chrome unicorn... PAUL LITTLE In the New Year, contributor Paul will be attending a show in New Jersey, dressing classic salmon flies. He also has…

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wish you were here?

NEW KELSO BEAT, RIVER CARRON The soft light is good and hopes are high as this rod casts towards the tail of the Rock pool on the River Carron in wild Wester Ross. The New Kelso beats offer 2½ miles of double-bank fishing, split over two beats, with good access and gravel underfoot when wading. Flies to try are the Garry Dog, the Cascade in low water and Willie Gunn in a spate. The system has returned more than 500 finnock and sea-trout in 2018, as well as 103 salmon on New Kelso. The river is mandatory catch-and-release and all fish caught are tested for DNA to establish their hatchery of origin. Rods are available only to house guests at the New Lodge (sleeps 18), Strathcarron, for an additional charge of approximately…

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bright beauty

CONGRATULATIONS TO Richard Breakwell, winner of the 2018 Morison Trophy, awarded to the angler catching the heaviest salmon on fly from the River Deveron. In the picture, Richard’s winning 22lb salmon (38in long, 19in girth) is held by Mark Watson, who helped to land the fish in May on the Muiresk beat near Turriff. The Morison Trophy is named after Clementina Morison, who holds the British record for a fly-caught salmon, landing a 61lb fish from the Deveron in 1924. The trophy was launched in 2011 by the Morison family with the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust and is made from silver and black limestone. It is perhaps the most valuable game-fishing trophy in Britain.…

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game-fishing by numbers

Total annual trip-related expenditure Coarse: £944 million Trout and grayling: £115 milllion Salmon and sea-trout: £7.3 million 27,000 jobs were supported by anglers’ expenditure. Number of licenced anglers: 758,000 coarse anglers. 195,000 brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling anglers. 11,000 salmon and sea-trout anglers. Total annual days spent angling Coarse: 19.7 million (7.4 million of which were carp). Brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling: 2.4 million. Salmon and sea-trout: 134,000. Number of days fished for each game species* 2,990,000: stocked trout 839,000: wild trout 383,000: grayling 109,000: salmon 71,000: sea-trout *Often multiple species are fished for on same day. Days fished by water and species Stillwaters for trout: 1,490,000. Rivers for trout and grayling: 938,000. Rivers for salmon and sea-trout: 133,000. Distance travelled to fish 294: The average annual distance in miles travelled by salmon and sea-trout anglers in the south-east of England. To read the 102-page…

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side stream ref lections

THERE’S what is almost a tradition of angling works written by (or about) river keepers. Perhaps the most notable were written by (or about) Frank Sawyer, but within recent memory the genre includes a text about Alfred Lunn (A Particular Lunn) and another written by Bernard Aldrich (The Ever Rolling Stream). Ron Holloway, who for over 30 years worked as a keeper on the Itchen at Martyr Worthy before retiring to the Tweed at St. Boswell’s (from where he kept a watchful eye on visiting salmon anglers), has provided an insightful, often funny contribution to this genre. This is the successor to Ron’s first book, You Should Have Been Here Last Thursday (George Mann); Ron was working on these present reflections when he died in 2016. There are touching vignettes. I…