Trout & Salmon October 2018

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breach of the peace

I’M A MEMBER OF A CLUB WITH private fishing on two local rivers. I can usually count on one hand the number of times I fish the beats each season. That’s because I also have a season-ticket on Rutland Water, which is closer. And when it’s fishing well, it’s difficult to ignore. But Rutland, like many stillwaters during this summer’s long drought, has been tough going from the bank. Which is why, one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I decided to pay the larger of the two rivers a visit. I like to start at my favourite pool, hoping that nobody has been through it before me and unsettled the trout. It’s my favourite because it’s a challenge. Its tail is fast and it is tree-lined and narrow, therefore approaching…

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what our contributors are doing this month

DAVID THELWALL After a lack of fishing this summer, Derbyshire Waters reporter David plans to visit the rivers Dove and Derwent. He's also looking forward to a day on Ladybower Reservoir, which he has organised for Thornton Fly Fishers. Weather permitting, the club should enjoy productive boat fishing at what is a magnificent upland venue. PETER GATHERCOLE Faced by tough conditions, photographer Peter has been weather watching. It has paid off with successful dawn starts to beat the heat on Eyebrook and Grafham reservoirs. He has also enjoyed a trip to the Eden, getting great scenic shots and images of the river’s beautiful brown trout. DAVY STINSON Drowes and Melvin correspondent Davy has finished salmon fishing this year but intends to round off his season by trouting on loughs Erne and Melvin. If conditions are…

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wish you were here?

LOCH LAXDALE, BORVE LODGE ESTATES, ISLE OF HARRIS Laxdale is believed to be the smallest salmon loch in Scotland. It is one of two salmon lochs on the beautiful Borve Estate - Loch Fincastle lies at the bottom of the Laxdale river system. Fishing is split into two beats and accommodates four rods. Loch Laxdale includes the river and Old pool, a well-known hotspot. The loch is surrounded by lilies and weedbeds and has one boat, necessary to cover the best lies. In the second half of the season, it can be highly productive. Loch Fincastle and the Fincastle Seapool form the other beat. This loch can be fished from the bank. Sea-trout and salmon start arriving at the end of June. Summer spates will push larger sea-trout beyond Loch Laxdale to Loch na…

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“you’re never going to believe this”

AT MIDDAY ON August 2, Jamie McCulloch tied on a new fly and sent out a hopeful cast, long and true. About two-thirds of the way across the pool, the fly stopped. Jamie was in – for a surprise. He’d driven to the Banchory beat of the Dee from his home in Lanarkshire on the recommendation of his friend, Ryan, who’d already caught a fish that morning. Jamie’s “pull” happened at the junction with the Feugh at the spot where Ryan had earlier hooked his salmon. “It felt like a fish at first,” said Jamie. “Then it went dead, like when you hook a branch, but it got caught in the current and pulled downstream. It was quite heavy. After a while I knew it wasn’t a fish, but it was hard to…

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gleneagles glory

GUESTS WHO book salmon fishing during their stay at the famous Gleneagles Hotel are to receive a fly tied by hotel gillie Willie McCutcheon. The Gleneagles Glory has a copper tinsel body, gold rib, bucktail tail, and Arctic fox wing with flash. Colours were inspired by the hotel's plush interior. What a good idea. Surely every hotel or estate should give guests a bespoke fly. There is a sting in the tail, however. Bed and breakfast at the Royal Lochnagar suite will set you back £3,780 per night this month, although you can lie in a comfortable standard double room for £590. Gleneagles offers guests fly-fishing on its trout lochs and arranges days on the nearby Tay. A chauffeur drives you to the hut.…

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casting records smashed

EIGHT WORLD records were broken at the 2018 Fly Casting World Championships at Port Haverigg Marina in Cumbria on August 17-19. Think you put out a good line? The winner of the men’s 18ft rod spey class, Norwegian Geir Hansen, broke the world record with a mighty 76m (83-yard) cast. Some 114 competitors from 20 nations took part in the bi-annual event. Sadly, several Russians were unable to compete because of current visa restrictions. Among those attending were well-known fishers Ally Bremner, Marina Gibson, Andrew Toft, Gerard Downey, James Chalmers and the multiple world casting champion American Steve Rajeff. Swede Bernt Johansson won the men’s trout distance (9ft rod, 5wt line) with a cast of 44m. Anna Hedman, also from Sweden, won the women’s event with a 40m cast. The women’s 16ft spey…