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Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Turkey & Turkey Hunting

March 2018


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swap ghost

The woods woke up with only the magic a spring morning can bring. The stars faded as the first vestiges of gray showed in the east. A cardinal went first, followed by a mourning dove and a sparrow or two. And then our gobbler let loose — right on schedule. All was right in the woods. A few weeks earlier, I told my group of starry-eyed kids that the gobbles generally start about 20 minutes after the first cardinal sings. The tom turkey was right on time, and exactly where I had left him the night before, 60 feet up, roosted on a slash pine limb. I looked at Jimmy and smiled. It was his first turkey outing, and I was his hunting mentor on Florida’s youth hunt weekend. Things were…

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jungle turkeys of the yucatan

We motored southbound from Merida and pushed deeper into the rugged interior of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our driver, Victor, swerved to carefully avoid potholes on the poorly maintained rural roads while we marveled at the landscape — a patchwork of dense, brushy jungle habitat and agricultural fields. A generally secluded and peaceful countryside unraveled outside the windows of our passenger van, revealing no hints of the ugly Mexico often implied by American headlines. Victor touched the brakes as we glided by our first glimpse of Maya ruins. These breathtaking, mysterious artifacts are a worthy highlight for any tourist. We would find time to explore the rich Yucatan flavors, but our first priority was to find Meleagris ocellata, ideally at the end of a Mossberg shotgun. The ‘Other’ Turkey The Ocellated turkey is indisputably…

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mossberg turkey tamers

The Mossberg brand is practically synonymous with turkey hunting — like Chapstick, Crock-Pot, Jacuzzi, Kleenex and others, its name symbolizes much more than just a product line, but a lifestyle. Generations of hunters have toted Mossberg shotguns to the turkey woods. Part of it is tradition. A family owned and operated business, Mossberg will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019 — a rare thing in this day and age. And during that century, the company has been building quality, affordable firearms that strike a chord with American hunters. Whether you’re white collar, blue collar or no collar, Mossberg has a gun to meet your needs. According to Linda Powell, Director of Media Communications for Mossberg, providing guns that fit all hunters of any age and skill level is the impetus behind the…

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managing miss - takes

“While it’s not pleasant at the moment, or later when you fess up to your hunting companions, missing presents an opportunity to learn from the mistake and never miss a turkey again — at least not in the same way.” It’s an empty feeling of equal parts disappointment, frustration and dismay. You invested weeks of calling practice, days of scouting, and hours of maneuvering and patience to put that tom exactly where you wanted him. As you reluctantly relive the moment, you can see him in all his glory. In full strut, backlit by the rising sun, a glow emanating around him. He was so close you could feel the gobbles, spits and drums as much as you could hear them. His dance of strutting, spinning, fluffing and robotic walking mesmerized you,…

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public land gear guide

Hunting Easterns on public land in Mississippi was much different from hunting Merriam’s on the prairie in my home state of Nebraska, but that gave me the opportunity to try out some new turkey hunting gear. Here are a few of the items we used while hunting in the Deep South. Armory: The Winchester Longbeard XR shotshells I patterned out of my Winchester Super X3 shotgun nearly cut the head off the Birchwood Casey Pregame target at 30 yards. (www.Winchester.com) Clothing: It should come as no surprise that it can get awfully hot hunting turkeys in Mississippi, especially running and gunning on public land, trying to rouse the interest of a willing gobbler. To that end, Walls 10X Ultra-Lite Pro Series of lightweight, airy clothing in Mossy Oak Obsession proved the ticket…

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gobbler guns   for all seasons

When it comes to turkey guns, you’ve probably seen it all. At one end of the spectrum sits the dedicated turkey gun. Whether it’s a pump or semiauto, this gun just looks, feels and acts the part. Usually featuring a short to mid-length barrel topped with a super-tight-patterning choke tube, this camouflaged shotgun might feature a pistol-style grip and almost certainly carries some type of special sighting mechanism beyond a simple brass bead or two. At the other end of the spectrum is the get-the-jobdone turkey gun. Many of us started out turkey hunting with one of these in hand. We went to our gun safe and grabbed whatever shotgun seemed right, maybe wrapped it in camouflage tape to make it look more the part, ensured a full choke tube topped…