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TV&Satellite Week

TV&Satellite Week


Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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1 minutos
where we left off

We first met Jean-Luc Picard back in 1987 with the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which ran Picard and for 178 episodes before Trek: Nemesis ending in 1994. Set a century after the original Star Trek series, it followed the adventures of the USS Enterprise-D in its exploration of the galaxy and conflicts with alien races such as the Romulans, Cardassians and Borg. In the 1995 movie Star Trek: Generations, Picard was devastated when he learnt that his brother, sister-and-law and nephew had died in a fire. Picard last appeared in the much-maligned film Star Trek: Nemesis (2003), which saw crew mates Riker and Troi’s honeymoon interrupted by a threat from Shinzon (Tom Hardy), a clone of Picard and the leader of the Remans. The film ended with Picard killing…

5 minutos
patrick’s new frontier

NEW SCI-FI Star Trek: Picard From Fri 24 Jan, Amazon Prime Video, 10 episodes released weekly Sir Patrick Stewart ‘makes it so’ this week when he returns to his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard in an epic new 10-part Star Trek series that beams onto Amazon Prime Video. It’s 33 years since the British actor first appeared in the role of the tea-drinking starship captain in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, Star Trek: Picard rejoins the character in the year 2399 as he embarks on the next chapter of his life. ‘Picard is a lot older and we’re not shying away from that – we’re dealing with a man who’s in a very different place in his life,’ says showrunner Michael Chabon. ‘Yet it was terribly important to everyone that he…

2 minutos
bright sparks

SCI-FI Doctor Who Sunday, BBC1 HD, 7.10pm Fans of ER will recognise one of the famous guest stars in this week’s episode of Doctor Who when the Time Lord joins forces with real-life inventor Nikola Tesla for a new adventure. Goran Višnjić, who starred as Dr Luka Kovac in the hit US medical drama for nine years, plays the scientist as the action begins in 1903 on the edge of Niagara Falls. Something has gone wrong with Tesla’s generator plant, and a strange force has sabotaged the scientist. But could a message from Mars offer a clue to what’s going on? At the turn of the 20th century, Tesla advised on how to harness electricity generated by the famous waterfall – an event that looks set to be referenced in this week’s episode. ‘Tesla was an extraordinary…

3 minutos
out of this world

‘It’s not sci-fi with lots of aliens, flying cars and stuff’ ARMANDO IANNUCCI NEW SCI-FI Avenue 5 Wednesday, Sky One HD, 10pm There’s more than one sci-fi series blasting into orbit this week. Star Trek: Picard is joined in the space race by Avenue 5, Sky One’s new 10-part comedy set aboard a luxury spacecraft that takes tourists on trips around the solar system. Here are five reasons to tune in… 1 IT STARS HUGH LAURIE After his recent role in Catch-22, the former House actor plays Captain Ryan Clark, who’s in command of Avenue 5, a luxury spaceship that offers interplanetary tourism 40 years in the future. Ryan is everything you want in a space captain – charismatic, confident and personable – but when the vessel is hit by an asteroid and suffers a ‘gravity…

1 minutos
who’s who

Ryan Clark Hugh Laurie Can the confident captain remain calm when his craft runs into trouble? Matt Spencer Zach Woods The head of customer relations wants to get home. Rav Mulcair Nikki Amuka-Bird Head of mission control Rav is struggling with a personal issue. Karen Kelly Rebecca Front Strong-willed Karen finds herself as the voice of the passengers. Billie McEvoy Lenora Crichlow The second engineer is very career-focused. Spike Martin Ethan Phillips The former astronaut is a womaniser and heavy drinker. Herman Judd Josh Gad The billionaire backer thinks he’s good at everything. Iris Kimura Suzy Nakamura Judd’s associate tries to make sure he gets what he wants.…

2 minutos
spies in disguise

NEW WILDLIFE Spy in the Wild Wednesday, BBC1 HD, 9pm By hiding cameras inside realistic-looking animatronic creatures, natural-history series Spy in the Wild allows viewers to get closer to nature than ever before as memorable interactions take place between the real and fake animals. This week, the series returns for a new four-part run, showcasing a dazzling array of wildlife. Here, the show’s creative director, John Downer, previews the first episode, themed around the tropics… SPY GORILLA ‘Everyone remembers Sir David Attenborough encountering mountain gorillas, but these days film-makers and tourists have to keep their distance. There’s real magic when the gorillas are introduced to Spy Gorilla. As well as getting an iconic image of them all staring inquisitively at Spy Gorilla, it’s about what that interaction leads to.’ SPY TURTLE ‘Unusually, the turtles’ egg-laying activity was happening…