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Ultimate Cross Stitch GardensUltimate Cross Stitch Gardens

Ultimate Cross Stitch Gardens

Ultimate Cross Stitch Gardens

This exciting collection includes over 200 charts of simply beautiful garden designs – big and small – for you to stitch, gift or frame. -Stitch perfect garden scenes filled with colour and an abundance of your favourite flowers -Make a quick card for a garden-loving friend -Don't miss Fizzy Moon potting flowers and plants in a must-stitch scene that's full of fun -Stitch an adorable kitten in a terracotta plant pot – this irresistible card will steal your heart -You'll love fabulous gift collections of garden gnomes charts and allotment designs

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From the tiniest ladybird to the abundant borders of a sweeping garden, the best of nature is only as far away as the back door and we’ve brought an entire bounty together for you; welcome to Ultimate Cross Stitch Gardens.There are many different types of garden in our neighbourhoods and, in this edition, we’ve reflected some of the best picturesque scenes for you to stitch and frame. So come and take a walk with us down a winding path, taking in the burgeoning borders bursting with colour; come and gaze through the window at the autumnal view and rest by the secluded mill house, the perfect stitching retreat.Bring the best of the outdoors inside and fill your home with gorgeous blooms from the garden. We especially love the hydrangea cushion,…

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fizzy florals

© 2017 Paper Island Ltd. Fizzy Moon © Paper Island Ltd Produced under licence.Fizzy Moon is enjoying the joys of summer and the wonderful variety of vibrant flowers and pretty plants that bloom during this special time of year. And, if you stitch this design and frame it as a gift, someone you love will be able to appreciate these fantastic florals all year round. The much-loved cuddly bear will make the perfect birthday gift for a Fizzy Moon fan, or a green-fingered friend. We’ve used a wooden frame in soft pine to complement this design, but a pink or purple frame would look just as lovely. With its single lines of backstitch to recreate Fizzy’s fluffy fur, you’ll need extra patience but the results will be worth it. Happy…

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garden delight

With clusters of tiny blooms creating a big, bold pom-pom, this plant is a favourite among gardeners and nature lovers, so there’ll be no shortage of admirers when you stitch our stunning cushion. Amanda Gregory has combined subtle shades of purple, blue and cream to create the flower and leaf shaping, but these are easier to stitch on evenweave, and you’ll probably surprise yourself with the speed at which you work through them. With its fresh colours, this is the perfect project for you to get your needle into and you’ll love creating this beautiful yet practical cushion for your home, just turn the page for instructions.Stitching FactboxStitching time: Approx 70 hoursType of stitches: Cross stitch, fractionals, backstitchLevel: Intermediate/ advancedYou will needThreads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the keyNeedle: Size…

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dotty blooms

We’re thrilled to bring you this funky display of beautiful blooms, displayed in a pink polka dot watering can. The bold colours clash and complement each other for maximum visual impact. The striking level of realism is achieved by using different tones of the same colour to add depth and shading, and also in the stitching itself, with both fractionals and backstitch to give definition. You’ll really want to take your time creating these pretty petals and it’ll also help if you use a sharper needle to work your backstitch. Not only will it pierce the aida blocks more easily, it’ll help with the accuracy of your stitches too.You will needThreads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the keyNeedle: Size 24 tapestry needleFabric: 14-count white aida measuring 36x36cm (14x14in)Extras: Backing fabric…

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cute as a kitten

You will needThreads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the keyNeedle: Size 24 tapestry needleFabric: 14-count white aida measuring 20x15cm (8x6in)Cards: Craft Creations oblong aperture card (AP48U) in pale blue (26) from www.craftcreations.com. Ribbon of your choiceStitching FactboxStitching time: Approx 10-12 hoursType of stitches: Cross stitch, fractionals, backstitch, French knotsLevel: IntermediateTipCheck the key carefully to see which colour to use for the backstitch“Restitch the pink butterfly and mount it into a gift tag aperture to go with this adorable cross stitch pressie.” Abi Barker, special projects coordinatorStitching close-upNotice how the dark pink outline gives a soft edge to the butterfly wings, contrasting beautifully with the elegant backstitch for the antennae and body.…

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little ladybirds

You will needThreads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the keyNeedle: Size 24 tapestry needleFabric: 14-count white aida measuring 10cm (4in) x required lengthExtras: Backing board, fabric and ribbon of your choiceStitching FactboxStitching time: Approx 2 hours eachType of stitches: Cross stitch, backstitchLevel: Beginner“Create small but perfectly formed ladybirds in just twenty or so stitches, it’s incredible how much detail you can get in such a tiny space. Enjoy this fun stitch!” Abi Barker, special projects coordinatorFinishing touchesFrayed edges give your stitching a homespun look. Gently pull away one row of aida from the edge of the fabric.TipRemember to check your stitching by counting regularly. It’s easy to get carried away and not notice a mistake“These ladybirds are a great reminder of the summer days that lie ahead – they make…