Veranda May/Jun 2018

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welcome to the issue

this year, Veranda celebrates the idea of wanderlust—that yen for exploration that broadens the mind, upends expectations, and yields dividends in style. To kick off our first-ever special kitchen section inspired by cooking spaces from around the world (beginning on page 61), five internationally renowned tastemakers, each in a different foreign locale, share insight on travel, adventure, and living (and eating!) the good life. Their insider tips are glorious food for the soul. Pair them with Miele’s cutting-edge, high-performance appliances, and bringing the world home, one plate at a time, is easier than ever: Whether you’re jetting off to a new time zone or letting your taste buds do the exploring from the dining table, blazing a trail never looked—or tasted—so good.…

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RICHARD SMITH This charming textile designer spends much of his time at his mill in Thailand, enjoys summers sailing off the Turkish coast, and retreats to an idyllic 17th-century farmhouse outside of Hastings, England. “My foodie destination is Bangkok. I truly believe Thai is one of the world’s greatest cuisines, and the city is a metropolis of delicious food. Though I long to visit India for the culture, colors, and energy. A carbonara is my go-to recipe: freshly picked asparagus from the farm shop, egg yolks, thyme, butter, Parmesan, pancetta, and a perfectly al dente penne. Bliss. My favorite cookbook is Nigella Lawson’s How to Eat. It gave me the confidence to experiment in the kitchen.” “I’m crazy for freshly squeezed juice, though I rarely have time to make it!” THOMAS HAMEL Sunny Sydney and…

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what’s global now

Go to the source: Hunt for truffles in Normandy (or Tennessee!), fish for trout in Scotland, forage for ramps in Canada, or make mole in Mexico. C’est bon! Elevate the everyday: There are thousands of varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Look past your grocer’s produce aisle to find the unique and unexpected. Raise the bar: Improve your cocktail hour with bitters from London, liqueurs from Italy, and Chenin Blanc from the Stellenbosch region of South Africa. Stock up: Fill the cupboard with chai and oolong teas for morning pick-me-ups, Mediterranean anchovies for last-minute sauces, and French double-cream Brie—just because. Rethink the basics: Incorporate chefs’ secret weapons, like Castelvetrano olives for taste, and custom knives from Kyoto, Japan, for technique. Cast a spell: Evoke a European feel with an unlacquered-brass faucet, café curtains, and reclaimed-stone floors for…

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the view from veranda

i’ve been mulling over my manifesto for summer. I thought I’d come up with one or two goals, but here are 10! 1. Keep it simple. Whether it’s highbrow (alfresco entertaining) or ho-hum (doing chores), don’t sweat it. 2. Immerse yourself in fun. Gardening, yes! Lawn games, no—although I’m really trying to go with the flow. 3. Experts say you should use rainy days to organize your closets and junk drawers. I say, curl up with a good movie. Consider this permission. 4. Don’t overthink things. Thorough planning is always a good idea, but obsessing is entirely different, especially when you—that is, I—just want to switch out throw pillows. 5. Treat yourself. I had a big, fluffy chocolate croissant this morning, and the world didn’t end. The treadmill will be…

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english rose

in 1996, at the age of 22, newly relocated and unemployed Briton Alice Ryan Miller found herself in the New York office of family friend Liz Tilberis, the celebrated editor of Harper’s Bazaar. Their tête-à-tête coincided with a visit from PR bigwig Paul Wilmot, whose clients included the likes of Calvin Klein. “He walks through the door and says he needs someone for Oscar de la Renta’s team, and the next thing I know, I’m on a flight to Paris,” she says. Miller spent three years with de la Renta before becoming global events director for Ralph Lauren. Though she later started her own firm—A Company represents brands like Givenchy and Dior—Lauren’s iconic American ethos still influences her arsenal of feminine frocks, fur-collared capes, and tailored blazers. Now based in the sunny…

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astral chic

Whether you swear by an annual chart checkup or think “Mercury in retrograde” is a vintage-car reference, here’s what your zodiac sign can do: provide a road map for jewelry that’s unique to you. It can be as simple as adopting your sign’s gem as a signature—stock up on diamonds, Aries!—or indulging in personality traits (quiet Cancers, showy Leos) that are written in the stars. GEMINI MAY 21–JUNE 21 Not-so-prim pearls for the zodiac’s social butterfly. (1) Maria Canale Drop earrings, price upon request; (2) Datejust 41 watch, $14,150; (3) Ice Fan earrings, $15,400; CANCER JUNE 22–JULY 22 Sparkle suitable for wallflowers. (4) Tiares earrings, price upon request; (5) Spiral Torque necklace, $29,500; LEO JULY 23–AUGUST 22 Showstoppers fit for spotlight seekers. (6) Elizabeth Locke Lion necklace with Perugia link chain, $13,025; (7)…