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Join us online throughout autumn for a virtual floral extravaganza to celebrate the launch of our latest book, The Romance of Flowers (Hearst Books, $60), debuting October 6. The 288-page tome features exquisite arrangements by some of the world’s leading floral artists as well as homeowners with a flair for creativity. The living works of art are a veritable cornucopia of style, showcasing designs for every season. Post your own favorite flowers on Instagram— use the hashtag #RomanceOfFlowers for the chance to be featured on our site. FLOWER POWER A VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY To commemorate The Romance of Flowers, we are giving away a pair of ORCHID PEARL DROP EARRINGS created by Michael Aram Jewelry. For your chance to win these beautiful sterling silver–and–Baroque pearl French clips, go to See page 182 for…

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the power of pretty

When I was 12, I was given a 1966 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. Measuring a whopping 18 feet, 8 inches long and with a steering wheel like a hula hoop, it was a behemoth. While some people equate driving vintage cars to steering tanks, this, my friends, was more like commandeering the helm of a cruise ship. The only caveat about this gift was that I couldn’t really drive it—or, rather, it was not drivable. I was too young, of course, even by Texas standards, but the car could only plow along for a few hundred yards before it gave out and we’d have to push it back onto its grassy patch along the blacktop road. I’d admired the car at an uncle’s house in Tennessee, where it had been sitting unattended for…

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defining luxury from a to v

OurAtoV Guide A All-American Furniture inspired by a lesser-known legend As chairman of Parsons School of Design in the 1940s and ’50s, and later as the design director at Tiffany & Co., Van Day Truex was a giant of American design and a friend to the likes of Billy Baldwin and Albert Hadley. Truex American Furniture capitalizes on his legacy to reissue forms by people in his circle— Baldwin, Frances Elkins, Charles James—for pieces that practically glow with soigné midcentury allure. To the trade, B Beguiling The design world’s latest obsession: painterly prints The smile-inducing fabrics by London-based Bernard Thorp are hard to resist. Since each is made to order (with a five-meter minimum), custom colored, and hand screened by master artisans, we think they’re pretty hard to beat, too. From $134 per meter, C…

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natural beauty

“I’ve been to amazing places and met many inspiring people. Luckily, I’ve had my camera with me.” KELLY KLEIN’S FAVORITE THINGS 1. WHITE ORCHIDS Simple, beautiful, and effortless. 2. WORKSTEAD CHANDELIER A basic shape that won’t overwhelm a room. 3. TOMAS MAIER SCARF I love everything he does. 4. TERRY DE GUNZBURG TERRYFIC OUD I’m not a big fan of sweet perfume, and this is a masculine and intriguing scent. 5. ROGERS & GOFFIGON BELGIAN LINENS All the upholstery in my house is white! 6. HANS J. WEGNER CHAIR Gorgeously clean-lined. 7. DAVID YURMAN PINKY RING I bought it at a charity auction. You can wear it playing tennis, at the beach—I never take it off. 8. MILA MOURSI LIFTING SERUM By a star facialist who keeps my skin looking young and clean. 9. VIETRI ANTIQUE FLATWARE The mix of…

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back to basics

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writing desks

though putting pen to paper is no longer the premier method of communication, the writing desk is a throwback with staying power. The work space has petite proportions and requires little real estate, which means it can double as a vanity or hall console. Add in details like leather, trompe l’oeil, or glimmering sabots, and you have a sculptural standby with all the grace of a handwritten note. 1. IRONIES Sophisticated shagreen and silvered brass. Strider; to the trade, 2. BERNHARDT Bowfront femininity. Haven; $1,025, 3. ROSE TARLOW MELROSE HOUSE Bold simplicity to anchor a wall. Gables; to the trade, rose 4. FORMATIONS Lovely, Louis XV–esque lines. Lisbon; to the trade, 5. JULIAN CHICHESTER Leather-wrapped luxe. Richter; $7,485, julian 6. BAKER Gallic elegance courtesy of Thomas Pheasant. Paris; $8,485, 7. CENTURY…