Veranda September/October 2017

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a colourful legacy

over 70 years later, that passion is still matched today by dedicated craftsmen and undoubtedly visible in the brand’s eco-friendly fine paints and handcrafted wallpaper. BOASTING UNIQUE CHARACTER AND DEPTH THAT BRING WALLS TO LIFE Like its founders, the unique Farrow and Ball colour names, patterns and recyclable tins are born and bred in Dorset where they are still produced today. Each paint colour and exquisite handcrafted wallpaper tells an intriguing story, whether it’s the beauty of nature, historic homes, or inspiring people or places. A SEAMLESS CONNECTION BETWEEN PAINT AND PAPER The brand has also perfected the art of creating handcrafted wallpaper using its own paint and traditional trough and block printing methods, giving an exquisitely tactile finish. Discover how others have created their unique look and share your own Farrow & Ball home…

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milestone moments

they say that 60 is the new 50 and 40 is the new 30. I hesitate to write that 30 is the new 20, as I appreciate the intellectual maturity and emotional intelligence I gained during that 10-year window in early adulthood. With this issue, as Veranda celebrates its 30th anniversary, it’s safe to say that we, too, have earned a certain level of circumspection and discernment, but with an unjaded, spirited vigor that helps us see the best the world has to offer. It’s our hope to bring gravitas and authority to the subject of living well, while still approaching the topic with childlike wonder and bridging the two viewpoints. There’s nothing worse than a blasé, I’ve-seen-it-all editor. An anniversary shouldn’t be about wallowing in the past. A healthy bit…

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past perfect

ISSUE NO. 1 PREMIERE COVERDEFINING GRACE The magazine’s agenda: elegance. 1987 30 YEARS AGOROOMS IN BLOOM An affair with florals in any form. 1992 25 YEARS AGO CHINOISERIE CHIC Stylish then, stylish now. 1997 20 YEARS AGO MODERN AMERICANA Is it time for a country revival? THROUGH THE YEARS 2002 15 YEARS AGO FRENCH ACCENTS L’art de vivre, alive and well. 2007 10 YEARS AGO PERFECT PATINA A tribute to this cover: page 194. 2012 5 YEARS AGO NO-HOLDS-BARRED COLOR Daring hues for dazzling rooms. ISSUE NO. 169 TODAY CLASSIC REDUX New stewards preserving the past. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: ANNIE SCHLECHTER; THOMAS LOOF; VICTORIA PEARSON; PETER MURDOCK…

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white hot

when she turned 60, model Maye Musk did something radical for someone in her line of work: She let her hair go gray—or, in her case, an elegant, blinding white. Her career skyrocketed, with a parade of ad campaigns, a billboard in New York’s Times Square, and a cameo in a Beyoncé music video. It wasn’t the outcome she had expected. Although she started modeling at 15 in South Africa, Musk never saw it as a career. She moved to Canada, then to New York, always working full-time as a dietitian while modeling on the side. Fashion was a part-time gig to make ends meet as she raised three children on her own. (They’re an impressive bunch: Elon, the eldest, cofounded PayPal and is the CEO of Tesla; daughter Tosca is…

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pearl power

for any woman with the world on a string (you know who you are), pearls are an all-butrequired accessory. What other gemstone summons the Tinseltown allure of Liz Taylor and pairs it with the can-do polish of a Kennedy? Pearls are the symbolic 30th-anniversary gift, and Veranda’s assemblage of jewelry includes the traditional and the innovative, each worthy of a star turn. Not bad for a substance that often begins its life as an unwanted bit of sand before becoming a wearable success story—true grit to true glamour. THIS PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: API/GAMMA-RAPHO VIA GETTY IMAGES; BERT STERN/CONDÉ NAST VIA GETTY IMAGES; LIPNITZKI/ROGER VIOLLET/GETTY IMAGES; PARAMOUNT/GETTY IMAGES. PREVIOUS PAGE, COUNTERCLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: GETTY IMAGES; ARNOLD NEWMAN/GETTY IMAGES; HULTON ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES; CECIL STOUGHTON/THE LIFE IMAGES COLLECTION/GETTY IMAGES. FROM TOP:…

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30 years of style

1 ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS SAVE ROOM FOR ART If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-curated space speaks volumes: about history, about culture, about the personalities of the people who live there. In one fell swoop, you can communicate everything you need to say— and a handsome frame only adds to the allure. 2 DON’T FORGET THE FLOUNCES When it comes to good oldfashioned cocooning, nothing says cozy—or feels quite as swooningly romantic— like acres of tassels, ruffles, pleats, and trims, especially in a pretty bedroom. To furnish deliciously sweet dreams, we wholeheartedly endorse all that’s frilly, feminine, and floral. 3 FRESH FLOWERS ARE A NECESSITY Take it from the Veranda editors and stylists who photograph gorgeous interiors all over the globe: There’s simply no room that doesn’t get better with a…