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Victoria Special Issues

French Cooking & Entertaining 2019

Victoria Special Issues

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dear friends

Many of my most memorable gourmet experiences involve Gallic cuisine. The highlight of a week spent in Paris with a friend was pausing daily at a street-side café. Arranged in glass cases, an array of sweets beckoned, from flaky croissants to luscious fruit-filled confections. On our first visit, I selected an exquisite tart with a glistening halved apricot nestled in a crisp pâte sucrée shell. The taste was so heavenly that I abandoned all plans to explore the menu and instead returned each afternoon for another serving of that mouthwatering dessert. “Pâtisserie Delights,” on page 89, takes me back to that sojourn to the City of Light.When my husband and I toured Normandy years later, we enjoyed a delectable meal in the inn where we stayed. Dinner was a flavorful…

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1 that certain je ne sais quoi

An unmistakable sense of élan surrounds the French lifestyle—especially when it comes to cultivating a welcoming ambiance for guests. Contemporary tastemakers share their secrets of gracious entertaining, while original icon of style Marie Antoinette offers enduring inspiration for planning a dazzling fête worthy of royalty.…

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her french country home

Sharon Santoni, felt an instant connection to her property in the countryside of Normandy. From spring to autumn, flower beds grace the front lawn with a shifting kaleidoscope of color.The quiet of early morning finds Sharon Santoni taking in the wonders of her surroundings. The calendar promises a shopping excursion to Paris—an easy distance from her home in Normandy—but even the City of Light’s most notable brocantes cannot compete with the natural gifts found within this pastoral oasis. Cup of tea in hand, she surveys cascades of roses, tangles of nigella, and clusters of foxgloves while her dogs frolic nearby.“As soon as I saw this house, it felt just right,” Sharon says. “We are on the edge of a small village, and my children grew up riding in the forest,…

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lessons in the art of living

French stylist Marie-Paule Faure, standing on the right in the foreground, guides workshop participants in arranging nature’s bounty.“THERE ARE AS MANY KINDS OF BEAUTY AS THERE ARE … WAYS OF SEEKING HAPPINESS.”—Charles BaudelaireFor over two decades, stylist Marie-Paule Faure has brought her elegant taste and innumerable talents to the pages of magazines seen throughout Europe and America, including Victoria. When she published her first book, Recevoir Simple & Chic: Idées Déco, Art de la Table, Recettes (Simple & Chic Entertaining: Décor Ideas, Art of the Table, Recipes), four years ago, it opened the door to some wonderful opportunities, as people began asking her to teach them the secrets behind her gracious settings, entertaining expertise, and lifestyle.At first, she resisted the idea. “I find it difficult to theorize something that has…

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joie de vivre of marie antoinette

With its encrusted borders and delicate buds, the Chas Field Haviland vintage pattern Marie Antoinette is ideal for showcasing confections. The masterful designs of New York pastry chef Amber Spiegel highlight this assortment. Her frosted cookies—flavored with orange zest, vanilla bean, and cardamom—reach their pinnacle with hand-piped icing bouquets, cameos shaped from gum paste, and accents painted with a mixture of gold luster dust and vodka.Setting the scene for an elegant soirée is easier than one might imagine. Rose petals draw the eye to sparkling Glastonbury-Lotus stemware, while blooms from palest blush to vibrant magenta create a lavish centerpiece. A simple cake gets regal adornment with shimmering decorations, and beribboned fans lend romantic appeal.“ONE’S ENJOYMENT IS DOUBLED WHEN ONE CAN SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND.”—Marie AntoinetteA chocolate-dipped strawberry and single…

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romantic entertaining

Bringing a bit of Parisian glamour to a backyard fête is as simple as creating an ethereal canopy with white fabric draped over a weathered wooden arbor. Antique doors and a beaded chandelier complete the look.Pink cabbage roses and berries transform a garden urn into a lovely centerpiece, while candlelight adds to the ambiance.“I décor line has a decidedly French accent. have always had a love affair with all that is French,” confesses lifestyle designer and author Carolyn Westbrook, whose home Though she started her business before she’d seen Paris in person, her first trip to the City of Light cemented the feelings she had for Gallic style.In addition to the way the French incorporate antiques and heirlooms into their décor, Carolyn admires their approach to social occasions. “The most…