October 2021

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JUDY CHICAGO Artist For our Artist’s Palate series, feminist art icon Judy Chicago and her photographer husband Donald Woodman composed a theatrical take on a Niçoise salad (page 314). Chicago’s recipe features colour-coordinated carnations, seasonal ingredients and a specially created smoke sculpture. ‘We had no idea how much smoke we’d need,’ says Chicago. ‘The first time we tried, there was way too much; it completely covered everything and the fire department came.’ JASON ODDY Photographer Having shot some of the world’s most unusual locations, from the Pentagon to Oscar Niemeyer’s Algerian projects, Oddy was the perfect fit to capture the uniqueness of Charles Jencks’ Cosmic House (page 252). ‘In one shot alone, I took in a five-handled door, a neo-surrealist bust made out of a block of quartz and a bedroom that pays homage to…

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how very wallpaper*

Welcome to the 25th anniversary issue of Wallpaper*, and what a quarter of a century it has been! In celebrating our 25th birthday, I wanted to join up the dots from the past, to distil what makes Wallpaper* so special, and then look forward to the next 25 years… With this in mind, I welcome my esteemed predecessors, Tyler Brûlé, Jeremy Langmead and Tony Chambers, to share their thoughts and experiences, as each wrote such significant chapters in the magazine’s history. Then, looking forward, we invite five creative visionaries, Frida Escobedo, Theaster Gates, Formafantasma, Michèle Lamy and Nendo, to each select five creative leaders of the future. We reveal the ever-brilliant artist Daniel Arsham’s furniture range with design gallery Friedman Benda (he even designed an epic limited-edition cover for our birthday), while…

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TYLER BRÛLÉ Founder Editorial Director 1996–2002 Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s summer 1996 and in a small design studio in Vienna the first, freshly designed pages of a soon-to-launch magazine are being pinned on a wall. Art director Herbert Winkler is selecting pictures, playing with cover concepts and smoking non-stop. On a nearby desk, a copy of The New York Times is open to a page with a report about a curious new title that will soon hit newsstands. Back in London, where the magazine is based, ad pages (Gucci, Versace, The Gap and many more) are being shipped to the printer in Austria, while the £100,000 that’s been raised for this venture is dwindling fast. Can we pay the paper bill? The courier costs? And will there be enough…

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form masters

This October sees the launch of a new perfume collection by Louis Vuitton and Frank Gehry. Les Extraits features five fragrances by the brand’s master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, formulated without top, heart or base notes. ‘I wanted to reinvent the notion of an extrait [the most concentrated form of perfume] in a contemporary way,’ says Cavallier-Belletrud. ‘In revisiting chapters, florals, chypres and ambers, you create rounded, caressing forms every time.’ Those forms find their visual counterpart in Gehry’s sculptural bottle design, a continuation, in miniature, of his nautically-inspired building for Fondation Louis Vuitton (W*187). ‘I wanted to create something that brings a sensation to life,’ says Gehry. Rhapsody perfume, €450; Monogram case, £36,000, both by Louis Vuitton, louisvuitton.com…

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angle delight

Herzog & de Meuron make their South Korean debut with a monolithic new office building and cultural space in Seoul that boasts a majestic triangular silhouette, a shape directly informed by the area’s zoning laws. Housing the corporate HQ of ST International, a Korean energy and mining conglomerate, and its constituent SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation, which operates a non-profit art space, this striking 11-storey edifice rises from the street like a sheer cliff face. The south façade presents a continuous concrete plane interrupted by two slender windows that puncture the otherwise uniform surface. These precise incisions, the larger of which is more than 13m tall, accentuate the verticality of the structure while hinting at the spaces contained within. A textured patchwork of intricate patterns lends the building’s concrete surfaces a…

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love bites

Here at Wallpaper* HQ, we love a good cocktail party (we can’t tell you how much we’ve missed them over the last 18 months). And while many things contribute to making a party one to remember, you just can’t beat a great canapé, those salty, spicy or sweet bites than can lead you to park yourself near the door to the kitchen when they’re particularly moreish. The French are credited with making canapés popular in the 18th century, the name coming from their word for ‘couch’ as some thought a piece of bread topped with food looked like someone sitting on a couch. The rest of the world soon picked up on the joys of finger foods and, over the years, a smörgåsbord of delectable canapé trends have come and…