WellBeing Being Issue 6

You know this state of presence by its feeling: aligned, connected and in flow. Sometimes our physical environment enables us to cultivate this sense of balance, ease and calm, which is why we intuitively turn to nature and other grounding environments to relax and reconnect with ourselves and the world. But, other times, if you adjust your internal landscape — your perspective on a situation — you can rediscover your presence, find more ease in moments of unease and surrender to the freedom of balance. Transitioning from a place of doing and into a state of being is at the core of this magazine, Being.

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To create is to bring something into being. From tangible-like creations such as cooking a meal to the more intangible such as inspiration for an idea, being able to create something is a remarkable evolution. Just like the life stages of a butterfly, creation is a metamorphosis. It’s a phenomenon that is fluid, malleable and open-ended to wherever your creativity guides you. Being able to create is just as much about listening as it is about doing. It’s a mindfulness practice of noticing what’s present and then taking action on what feels right, aligned and true for you. The magic of creation is in the process, rather than the outcome. It’s about bearing witness to the beauty of the metamorphosis, perhaps without knowing where it will take you or what will come to…

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editor’s letter

We value the notion of balance in this magazine so much so that it’s the theme of this issue. The rather elusive and subjective concept evokes something different from each and every one of us; balance is fluid and ever changing, depending on who you are, your values, the stage of life you’re in and your priorities. Balance is, more often than not, the oscillation between opposing forces. It’s the dance between yin and yang, softness and strength, light and dark. As you journey through your copy of Being, you may like to reflect on how you relate to the idea of balance. Some stories explore this quite explicitly, such as Kaitlin’s feature on cultivating balance on page 32, whereas other articles dive into balance from a more abstract angle, such…

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rural magic

All humans have an innate ability to be mindful, however your environment — internally and externally — can influence how easy it is to connect with. From walking barefoot in nature to cooking up a storm with your bare hands or sitting and simply just breathing, these gestures naturally lend themselves to mindfulness when actioned with presence. Here rests an inner peace that’s beyond your thoughts, feelings and actions, and you can never underestimate the power that a physical landscape plays in allowing you to be mindful and still enough to connect with this place within — where you can just be. I’m guided by my senses as I open the glass front door to The Wensley — an architecturally designed timber house nestled in Victoria’s Surf Coast Hinterland. I smell…

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the joy of journalling

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been expressing myself through written words. Way back when it was called “writing in your diary”, before social media came along with a much more enticing way to kill time, I’d spend my afternoons pouring my heart out in my velvet-covered notebook. My mum tells me that whenever we fought, instead of throwing a pre-teen tantrum, I’d write long letters about my feelings. There’s just something so cathartic about writing things down. It provides an opportunity to reflect between revelations, to experience the magic of that precious pause. Allowing the messiness of the monkey mind to become somehow disentangled. And the research is on its side, too. Journalling has been found to enhance both mental and physical health. A 2005 study, by Australian…

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a reason for being

On the island of Okinawa, Japan, there’s a common sentiment that guides its inhabitants: the long and pleasurable journey of living a fulfilling life. Known as one of the Blue Zones, Okinawa, which has the world’s most centenarians, is an island that’s characterised by its healthy, happy and fulfilled residents. Among their plant-rich diets, moderate exercise and sense of community, there’s one strong tie that binds them — a deep sense of purpose and the very reason for their being. Ikigai explained Translated as the reason for being, as iki means life and gai translates roughly to the realisation of hope, ikigai is an active verb that can also be translated as “to serve, to create, to delight and to nourish”. The Japanese believe that ikigai is a universal human experience, which,…

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how to work with self-doubt

Self-doubt is a seed that can grow into the largest, tangled tree of worries, fears and insecurities. We all have our own triggers for feeling this way, and we can all rewrite our stories to create new, powerful pathways forward when we feel stuck in self-doubt. Self-doubt is about lacking confidence in ourselves, our skillset, our abilities and our innate power. On one hand, a little self-doubt might make you prepare for an interview more diligently, set goals to help you move closer to your dreams, or plan ahead to feel more organised. But on the other hand, self-doubt — if not approached with self-compassion and the ability to witness yourself and your thoughts — can lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. It can deplete you and demotivate…