WellBeing Being Issue 7

You know this state of presence by its feeling: aligned, connected and in flow. Sometimes our physical environment enables us to cultivate this sense of balance, ease and calm, which is why we intuitively turn to nature and other grounding environments to relax and reconnect with ourselves and the world. But, other times, if you adjust your internal landscape — your perspective on a situation — you can rediscover your presence, find more ease in moments of unease and surrender to the freedom of balance. Transitioning from a place of doing and into a state of being is at the core of this magazine, Being.

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Being nourished happens not just on a physical level, but also emotionally, energetically and mentally. Nourishment need not only be reserved to food, either; you can nourish yourself with empowering thoughts, honest feelings and kind actions. You may nourish yourself with a gentle walk in nature, a meal cooked with fresh produce or by feeding yourself loving thoughts. The intention underpinning the nourishment is just as pertinent, if not more, than the act itself. You can also nourish yourself with mindfulness, which will allow you to extract the most sustenance from the experience. So perhaps the most important thing to remember is being present to any nourishing experience as it unfolds, moment by moment.…

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editor’s letter

Yesterday afternoon I went surfing at my local beach break on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula. The wind had swung and I was struggling to catch a wave. From the incessant paddling to missing out on waves, I found myself getting frustrated by the situation. What should have been a joy-inducing experience was riddled with tension and disappointment. Because my mind was attaching to an idea of what the experience should be, I was failing to notice the sheer beauty of simply just being in the ocean. Author, teacher and counsellor Mary O’Malley once wisely said, “What’s in the way is the way.” She suggests that, “Whatever you are experiencing is a doorway into a more spacious place. So rather than resisting discomfort, you can learn how to open to what you are…

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soaking up nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”~ Albert Einstein Peninsula Hot Springs Anyone who has floated out of a deeply relaxing day spa experience knows the feeling of wishing that rather than getting in the car and driving home, you could lay down your weary bones and stay the night instead. This is exactly what you can now do at Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs. Nestled in a quiet spot beside a lake towards the back of the property is a constellation of luxury safari-style tents that aren’t quite done justice by the word “glamping”: each eco tent boasts a king-sized bed, ensuite, dressing room, day bed, heated terrazzo flooring, coffee machine and more. “There are earplugs in the room in case the sound of the frogs bothers you,” the receptionist…

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exploring the freycinet peninsula

Aplite House is a sanctuary in itself, however there are many other natural wonders to discover in Freycinet National Park. Coles Bay: enjoy brunch with a view of the Hazards mountains or Tasmanianmade ice-cream Wineglass Bay hiking trail: walk up to the famed lookout and/or hike down to the beautiful beach Bicheno: great spot for surfing and swimming, or grabbing a coffee and groceries Honeymoon Bay: invigorate the body with a cold dip Cape Tourville Lighthouse: gentle and picturesque walk to the scenic lookout, also an ideal spot for whale watching…

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less is more

The idea of less is one of those ironic things, as the more you give, the more you receive. When you give your possessions away, you receive more space; when you give your best self, you receive great outcomes, opportunities and interactions; when you give your money away, you receive material, educational or theoretical goods in return (ie shopping, courses). The constant between these examples is that, while we are losing something, what we gain in return can be far more valuable and beautiful, and can act as a pathway to a greater sense of being. The past year and a half has been a time like no other; our realities changed beneath our feet. With the constant shifting of our lives, we had to learn how to deal with less immediacy,…

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being open to learning

From the moment we are born, we are learning. We remain life-long learners, however sometimes we can lose the passion or confidence to throw ourselves into something completely new, or to try our hand at something we haven’t succeeded at previously. When was the last time you tried something that challenged you? That stripped away any bravado and put you back into the role as the learner? Perhaps it’s signing up for a cooking or language class, dipping your toe into a new career, learning a sport or hobby, or relearning a childhood skill. Becoming a novice again The latter has often been the case for me. As a young girl I loved to swim, however during puberty, body insecurities kept me away from the pool — no way was I going to…