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White Horses

White Horses

Issue 37

White Horses is an original and authentic quarterly publication about the surf, ocean, creativity and adventure, and delivers a worthy and highly acclaimed alternative to existing surf mags. If you get equally, if not more excited by the glimpse of a clean, empty beach-break peak through some foreshore trees, than you do witnessing a million air reverses on a comp webcast, then there's every chance White Horses is for you.

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returned with love

Still hours ’til daylight and the carpark’s chokkas already. Vans and utes, strewn with guns, parked bumper to bumper for the length of the street and around the corner. Reaching the lineup after paddling the requisite K or so, it’s not yet light enough for seascape and landscape to distinguish themselves from each other, jet skis in the channel resemble dairy cows in a paddock. And when the escarpment before me folds over the valley beneath it, the heaviest wave I’ve seen in a long time – black, backless, and overwhelming me with awe – I struggle to comprehend what I’m watching. And when a black dot appears beneath its lip, my mind loses its ability to keep reality in check. This wave is far larger than anyone has ever come close…

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south seas smiles


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the librarian

I live at Avalon and I’m a PDHPE teacher (sports and health teacher) at the Northern Beaches Secondary College. About 17 years ago, two year-eight students asked if I had a spare fibreglass board for them. They were doing the Learn to Surf program. Word got out, and the year-seven Learn to Surf kids started asking, and I kept looking. I lent out my 6’ 1” competition board and a few spares. Eventually friends started bringing me their old boards and I got boards from council clean-ups, auctions and garage sales – buying boards for between $10 and $20. It kept growing, and after a decade I had so many out there in the community I couldn’t keep track of who had what, so I started an Xcel spreadsheet. Borrowers come with…

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George Greenough • Hugh McLeod • Australian Serials • John Young • Royce Leu • Gerry Lopez • Marlton Family • Kurt Avouris • Nick Greally • Rex Gillard • Julia White • Shannon Platt • Gary Saunders • Adrian Peirce • Adrian Peirce • Mick Rudder • Simon Connolly • Faye Gray • Adam Taylor • David Shannon • Steve Cottee • Julia Heasman • Paul Newman • Steve Hops • Maike Kaufmann • Elly Baker • Elisa Hammond • Alex Brooks • Alex Brooks • Andrew Barr • Richard Kumnick • Warwick Hallett • Brandon Howerton • Morgan Stedman • Georgia Lang • Kent Pinel • Alexander Leo • Tom Raw • Gavin Lewis • Troy Vandermeer • Kahlil Messer • Selena Fros • Samantha Wilson • Jan…

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running for takayna

“THE ROAR OF THE FALLS ECHOED IN MY MIND, AND IN THE QUIET OF THE WILDERNESS EVENING, I WENT HAPPILY TO SLEEP ON EARTH.” BOB BROWNOver the years, I’d see people running. I never understood it. I’d pass judgment watching them sweat themselves into psychosis… I mean, why would you put yourself through it? I’m 41. Three kids. I’ve seen the spare tyre come and go above my waist line, more prominent with each child. That former life – surfing hours on end, days on end – now replaced with three-wave surfs and half-hour ‘Dad’ windows. Wouldn’t have it any other way, of course. A good mate asked me to come for a run one day. The thought of gasping my way through jolted pavement strikes wasn’t enticing. However, he introduced me…

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four by four

PHIL USHER PHOTOGRAPHED ON THE FAR NORTH COAST BY ANDREW SHIELD MICHAEL CARSON PHOTOGRAPHED ON THE NSW SOUTH COAST BY RAY COLLINS COREY GRAHAM PHOTOGRAPHED ON THE SURF COAST BY ULA MAJEWSKI DALE WILSON PHOTOGRAPHED ON THE GC BY ANDREW SHIELD PHIL THE COL SMITH CHANNEL We were just doing normal pintails and round tails and stuff like that in the late ’70s period. I’d known Col for quite a few years before he became famous. Anyway, we met up and decided we were going to do the “Col Smith channel design.” He came up from Redhead, and we started doing them. We used my templates, and he showed me how to put the channels in. We ended up selling heaps of those boards over a three-year period. We did six, eight and 10 channels and the visiting Hawaiians rode…