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Windows Help & Advice November 2018

Windows Help & Advice features all the best ways to get more from your Windows PC, along with in-depth advice on new hardware, the latest technology and the internet. And it's 100% jargon free!

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www.facebook.com/windowsmag Time. It’s something we never seem to have enough of – especially when it comes to getting things done on our PCs. Luckily, our lead feature (page 11) is packed with 60 tips and tricks (as well as another 40 shortcuts) to help make using your machine faster, easier and more efficient. And just think what you could do with all the time you’ll save: You could use it to get creative with your photos (page 27); thrash your enemies in the incredibly popular online game Fortnite (page 44); or even become a latter-day George Martin and set up your own home recording studio – PC-based, of course (page 46). Or you could just use it to sit back, relax and discover all the other incredible news, reviews and how-tos in this…

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the october 2018 update is here!

Depending on when this issue reaches you, and when it eventually lands on your PC, you may already be seeing the new features of Windows 10’s October Update. Even if that is the case, some of them aren’t going to be apparent unless you look for them, so let’s break them down. Windows Defender has seen a name change (and a slight redesign) While the Sets feature, much to our chagrin, doesn’t look like it’s made the cut, Microsoft’s long-awaited File Explorer dark mode does make an appearance. It arguably brings the whole desktop together, and affects things like the Desktop’s right-click menu, open and save dialog boxes, and supporting apps from the Microsoft Store. Head to Settings > Personalisation > Colour to switch it on. MORE NEW FEATURES If you use multiple machines,…

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in pictures

Windows 10’s major updates are rarely all that major – they’re small hops rather than gigantic leaps. But the October 2018 Update does bring some new visual flair to proceedings, and some apps have undergone major renovation on the way. It doesn’t feel like a whole new operating system, but that’s a good thing: waking up one day to find that Microsoft has thrown everything out would be a rather unpleasant surprise.…

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april 2019 update

Whoa, slow down... Yes, alright. The October 2018 Update is only just landing. But in reality, it’s been mostly ready for a few months, and Microsoft tends to work on two update streams at a time: what it dubs, to those in the Insider program, ‘Fast’ and ‘Skip Ahead’. So the groundwork is already being put down for the next twice-yearly update, currently codenamed 19H1. Alright, so what’s in it? Glad you asked! We don’t know. But you’re going to speculate, right? Correct. First up, if you’ve been following Discover for a few issues you’ll know that we would put money on a refined, re-thought implementation of the Sets app-tabbing feature making an appearance next year. Microsoft is also looking at changing the way it applies updates, which should help stop those awkward moments when…

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google’s 20th anniversary

Happy birthday, big guy! Google is 20 years old. Or maybe, depending on your definition, closer to 22. The company formally incorporated in late 1998, although the initial seeds of the search engine were planted in January 1996 when creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a research project (then dubbed ‘BackRub') at Stanford University. From that simple project – which concentrated on ranking pages based on the number of other pages that linked to them – grew the world’s largest search engine, which now (along with the rest of Google’s many side projects) consists of two billion lines of code, all accessible to the company’s 25,000 engineers, and an overall catalogue of somewhere in the region of 130 trillion individual pages – that’s an astonishing number. THE FUTURE FOR GOOGLE It’s…

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the 60-second quiz

1 How many floppy disks did Windows 95 originally come on? A 4 B 13 C 432 2 What was the storage capacity of all but the first Windows 95 disk? A 2.33MB B 1.44MB C 1.64MB 3 What was the special formatting used by the disks called? A Windows Installer Format B Distribution Media Format C Big Disk-o Format 4 What name did IBM originally give the floppy disk in 1973? A Type 1 Diskette B Installomatic C Floppy Tape 5 Amstrad’s ‘80s home computer used which size floppies? A 8-inch B 3.5-inch C 3-inch 6 Sony’s HiFD disks (released in 1998) could store how much data? A 1.44MB B 14.44MB C 200MB…