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Windows Help & Advice December 2018

Windows Help & Advice features all the best ways to get more from your Windows PC, along with in-depth advice on new hardware, the latest technology and the internet. And it's 100% jargon free!

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www.facebook.com/windowsmag The Windows October 2018 Update is here – and with it, a whole slew of new features that can help you make the most of your PC: from a supercharged Clipboard with history and sync capabilities; to Your Phone, a new app that makes it easy to link your Android phone to your PC. You can read about these and all the other amazing new features included in the Update in our lead feature starting on page 11. Whether you’re ready up to upgrade yet or not, turn to page 48 and you’ll discover how to keep your PC lean, mean and malware-free, while on page 58 you can find out about Moore’s Law and the future of computing. After you’ve enjoyed all that, our Explore section (page 23) will show you…

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watch the weather from your desktop

How local is your weather forecast? Head to something like the BBC website, and you’ll be able to drill down to your city, or perhaps a specific region of your city. But what if you could triangulate your upcoming conditions based on your precise location? While you could set up your own weather station and make your own mind up, there are services out there which offer hyper-local forecasts for free. And now winter’s here, how will you know where it’s snowing? We’d absolutely recommend making Dark Sky (www.darksky.net) your first port of call. It features a host of maps, from precipitation radar (with handy arrows to show which way those storms are travelling) and temperature all the way to a rather odd emoji map which shows how you’ll probably feel if…

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leather laptop

Plastic, magnesium alloy, aluminium – these are the things we expect our PCs to be clad in. Leather hasn’t traditionally been on the list, but HP’s new Spectre Folio employs the unusual material to great effect. That’s one thing, but toting an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage – along with some specially-shrunken circuitry, giving it an extra-large battery that lasts for up to 18 hours – it’s quite the 2-in-1 PC in its own right……

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the knowledge…

Winamp What is this, 1997? Quiet, you. Anyone who lived through the crunchy old days of the Internet will remember Winamp, at one time the de facto music player of choice for personal music collections. It did indeed first emerge in 1997 – alongside the rise of services like Napster – and eventually landed in the hands of AOL, who last released a version in 2013. Great. So what’s the story? AOL, in one of its many rounds of divestment and management shake-ups, sold off Winamp (and Internet radio streaming service Shoutcast) to Radionomy in 2014, and now that company is set to release not only the first update to Winamp in five years, but a whole new version of the software. What’ll it do different? Winamp has always been about collections; it played your illicit…

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the companion phone

Before the smartphone came the PDA. A small, smartphone-sized device with very limited connectivity, a PDA – or personal digital assistant – held your notes, your appointments, and some atrocious handwriting recognition capabilities that made them at best interesting and at worse obtuse when it came to actually inputting information. The most prominent of these was the Palm Pilot; now, Palm is back. But it’s not producing PDAs, it’s producing phones. Sort of. First, we should be clear: it’s not really Palm. It’s a San Francisco startup, who’ve licensed the Palm name from current owner TCL. And the product, the Palm Phone, isn’t really a phone in its own right. Currently planned to be sold only as an add-on for existing phone plans, the credit card-sized Palm Phone (priced in the…

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the 60-second quiz

1 Which of these sites is used for streaming footage of games? A twitch.tv B watch.gameplay C buttonmash.tv 2 What can you see at sat24.com ? A Weather satellite information B Satellite TV guide C Twenty-four Satya Nadellas 3 Which service does geoguessr.com turn into a game? A The UN Global Environment Outlook B Google Street View C GEO 600 gravitational wave detector 4 Where does ‘slime. clown.wiped’ point to on what3words.com ? A Times Square B Buckingham Palace C The Louvre 5 What was the URL of the first ever website? A google.com B acme.com C info.cern.ch 6 From which country does the .tv domain name originate? A Toras Ruvas B Turkmenistan C Tuvalu…