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spin doctor

BBUC Everyday Jersey You don’t really need pro-team fit when you’re indoor training, but BBUC’s ultralight Everyday Jersey’s fast-drying, bi-elastic fabric and full-length zipper will make your sessions a little less sweaty, while still looking smart. €128 bbuc.co Smart training for smarter trainers 1. Gear head Over-gearing on the turbo to maintain wattage can make you sluggish on the road, and is not great for the old knees. Spinners are winners. 2. Mix it up Instead of dreading a repeat of last week’s brutal session, smash a new one. And throw in harder intervals if you’re doing a longer turbo ride. 3. Load to joy At first, a full hour may seem daunting, but build slowly and it will feel like nothing. And don’t plateau by repeating the same sessions. 4. Fan club Keep the air flowing off the bike,…

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the sound of silicon allee

Just a few stops on Berlin’s U-Bahn separate a cluster of the world’s leading music technology startups: Native Instruments, Beatport, Ableton, SoundCloud, Skoove, LANDR and Endel. How did the German capital become the heart of a global industry? “Before the tech came the music,” says Heiko Hoffmann, director of artist relations at Beatport (an online record store for electronic music), a former editor-in-chief of electronic music magazine Groove, and an avid clubber. Like many in the industry, he has a long history with the music culture of Berlin. Hoffmann looks out from the company’s Kreuzberg headquarters, across the river Spree, where the remains of the Berlin Wall stand. “Until the wall came down, this was actually the least desirable area of West Berlin,” he says. “Then a lot of clubs started happening…

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intelligence everywhere: the smart future is coming

Since 2009, technology has been steadily blurring which tasks are best performed by a human, and which by a machine – from smart home sensors to music made from generative algorithms and the use of artificial intelligence in places like hospitals and schools. Since the inception of WIRED UK in 2009, this world has grown and shifted in ways that would have been hard to predict – and what were once buzzwords, the offshoots of science fiction, have increasingly become a part of our everyday life “We’re in this period of a massive convergence, of a number of very high level trends,” says Jeremy Palmer, CEO of QuantumBlack, an advanced analytics firm which is a McKinsey company. “The amount and variety of data, computing power, infrastructure like cloud capabilities along with…

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the life aquatic

Canadian boatbuilder Beau Lake has launched the Tahoe-14, a wonderfully retro, completely silent, electric pleasure cruiser that will transport you to the 1950s Italian Riviera. Just shy of 4.3 metres of vintage-inspired luxury from bow to stern, its details include a hand-carved mahogany tiller with stunning mirror-polished stainless-steel castings and hardware. The inlaid mahogany veneer deck is coated using a super-tough epoxy and polyurethane varnish for extended wear, while the lightweight moulded fibreglass hull keeps the total weight to 181kg, helping to make launching from the shore swift and simple. From $35,000 beaulake.com SORT IT No.8 Guitar hero NAIL THE EXACT SOUND OF YOUR FAVOURITE GUITAR RIFF WITH TONEBRIDGE, WHICH MAKES VIRTUAL EFFECTS PEDALS FOR RECREATING SPECIFIC SONGS…

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wired insider

Master & Dynamic MW07 PLUS wireless earphones £279 masterdynamic.co.uk Made from handcrafted acetate and housed in a sleek stainless steel case (that provides three additional charges), these hi-spec earbuds feature quick charge functionality, 40 hours playtime, Bluetooth 5.0, ANC and ambient listening mode. Montblanc x (RED) #MY4810 cabin trolley £665 montblanc.com As if the durable polycarbonate shell, integrated lock and quiet-running wheels weren’t enough to entice you, €5 from every #MY4810 purchased goes to global programmes to prevent HIV-positive mothers from transmitting the virus to their children. Urwerk UR-111C watch CHF 130,000 urwerk.com Urwerk’s UR-111C is an unconventional mechanical marvel – complex minute-hour indications and running seconds that move across optical fibres depict the time in a tour de force of technology. StockX resale website stockx.com “The stock market of things”, StockX is an online buying and selling platform for products…

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flight of the pollinators

A storm is blowing in from the west. A helikite shakes in the breeze, and a small group of scientists – dressed mostly in beige clothing, with practical zips and stealing worried glances at the sky – don heavy gloves to start hauling it in, manning the line like a fishing crew reeling in the day’s catch. Butterflies flit through the knapweed at the Martin Down Nature Reserve, a 350-hectare stretch of pristine chalk downland in rolling hills just south of Salisbury, on the border of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. There are dark clouds on the horizon, and the helikite – a large helium balloon with a rigid sail to help it take off – strains against its tether, which is attached to a heavy winch, anchored to the ground by…